Wizard Cloud Backup for Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 guarantees 99.9% availability against hardware failure as they are protecting their own interests it offers no protection against data loss through user error or malicious attacks.

What is Microsoft doing to backup data?

Microsoft is doing a lot to ensure files and documents are always accessible and backup up. It prides itself in its 99.9% service up-time with regular backups. Data is constantly replicated between datacentres and storing data in completely redundant environments with backup and restoring capabilities.

Why should you have your own backup?

While Microsoft does replicate and backup its Office 365 service, it only protects its own interests by making sure any loss on its end can be recovered from. Its backup does not protect you from user errors such as accidental deletion or an employee maliciously deleting files.

Organizations need a third-party solution to deal with this very prevalent form of data loss.

Key Benefits

1. Compliance
Many organisations are required to maintain strict email and data retention regulations, were failure to comply can lead to fines. Having your own backup ensures you comply with regulations.

2. Liability
Office 365 maximum liability is $5000.00 or your last 12 months subscription should something happen to you data; assuming it is Microsoft’s fault. The real cost of data loss is potentially unlimited, so its best practice to keep a backup of your office 365 data.

3. Audit Rights
Office 365 gives you zero audit rights. This is a problem if you are required to show the physical location of your data. Wizard cloud backup provides a backup copy of your data in either our datacentre or the site of your choosing which you are able to audit.

3. Easy Switch
Having all your data/email with Microsoft Cloud means you are dependent on Microsoft. If you want to change vendor or keep your options open, having a backup copy will make it easier to migrate to another vendor’s service.

Whether you are looking for Cloud to Cloud solutions or Cloud to Office Wizard can design a solution that is right for you.


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