Network Monitoring

Wizard provide dedicated tools for analyzing the utilization and status of hardware and software components in your network. Wizard are able to setup remote probes and extract information about your network and display them on our Support Portal and display screens at our Offices. The Support Portal and display screens are monitored 24/7 and calls are logged and dealt with when warnings and alarms are shown.

Wizard has been using network monitoring tools for many 20+ years but we have finally settled on a product that allows us to pull and display results exactly how we need to respond promptly. We have incorporated the network monitoring with our own Wizard Help Desk Ticketing system which allows for seamless logging and swift assignment and action when alarms are triggered.

Network monitoring has become an essential part of any modern network. System wide awareness of developing issues combines with instant alerting to mitigate the risk of a disaster. Network monitoring providers valuable information used for assessing the running of a network and thereby reduces post-incident recovery time.

Wizard are able to spot anomalies within a network and rectify problems before customers are even aware they have happened. Network monitoring is included in all of our support packages because this information is invaluable in providing you with a superior service. 



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