Private Cloud

Private cloud is the secure option to cloud services. Wizard are fully aware of the clouds abilities and how to extract the best from it and we have the ability to configure and manage inline with your needs to achieve a tailored solution.

Wizard can design and implement a solution that connects all sites globally with its own internal IP subnet, providing maximum security by reducing entries into the network which reduces the need for externally facing firewalls and negates the necessity of VPN tunnels.

Wizard Private Cloud

We understand that our clients require high availability and performance in order to run their business applications and services. We have a team of technical experts that can work with you and understand your requirements before designing the right private cloud solution for your business. Choosing a Private Cloud solution for your business from Wizard and allow us to become your trusted IT partner and not just another service provider.

We can move your IT legacy systems, emails, archiving and any application or service to your own private cloud which is designed to give complete data security and integrity.


Wizard work closely with the leading industry vendors which provides you with a single point of contact for all your IT requirements even for the most demanding compliance or business requirements. Wizard will only work and partner with vendors that offer the best product, service and reliability and we are always monitoring and reviewing to ensure this high level of standard is always being reached.

When solutions are designed we choose different carriers and data centres to run your private cloud environment based on your requirements and we are not limited on our choice so we can offer you the very best options.

The big advantages of the cloud is the ability to replicate data, virtual machines, applications with ease to any other data centre around the world for disaster recovery or high availability purposes.


Security is always a question we get asked when we discuss cloud based environments but all of our solutions are thoroughly planned with security as a priority when implementing any cloud solution. Private cloud solutions from Wizard are far more secure than a regular cloud solution as a private cloud solution requires access to be configured/controlled and isn’t just accessible to anyone as it normally requires linking the local site to the private cloud via the use of a private fibre link or VPN tunnel.

A private Cloud solution delivers all the security you would get from an on premise server but with all the flexibility you are looking for:

  • Work from anywhere and on whatever device you wish
  • Add and remove virtual servers for applications as needed
  • Collaborate with colleagues around the country, or around the world
  • Scale your network up and down as your business changes

Our technical team will review your current network infrastructure and determine what you need to get you running on the cloud.

Imagine your business with a fully-redundant and flexible IT network with no worries about backup, storage and recovery. Imagine your teams being able to work when and where they need to but with no concerns about your network security being breached.

That’s what a Wizard private Cloud will provide for your business.

private Cloud

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