Storage Area Network Solutions

Storage requirements for companies are growing and becoming more demanding. The need to maintain a constant online access to data, the challenge of storage management has become a very important one.

Storage area networks answers the needs of today’s data intensive environments, transforming data storage investments into efficient architectures. This dedicated, centrally managed secure infrastructure makes storage devices available to all servers.

Its not as simple as ordering and installing a SAN. It must be planned and implemented correctly or risk poor performance, data loss or additional and unnecessary costs. 

Wizard has a deep understanding on SAN technologies and how to design and extract the best out of the devices. SAN Solutions need to be planned, designed, implemented and tested thoroughly.

We go through 3 phases to delivery effective storage solutions into your infrastructure:

Phase 1 – Planning and Design

  • Verify business requirements and provide configuration recommendations
  • Scalibility planning
  • Design SAN Architecture
  • Port Layout to provide redundancy (HBA, Cables, Switches etc.)
  • Standardized naming conventions
  • Design zones and zone sets to industry best practices

Phase 2 – Implementation and Testing

  • Install and Configure Switches (Fibre, Ethernet)
  • Install HBAs (host bus adapters) and their associated drivers and firmware
  • Install Storage Resource Software
  • Documentation
  • Produce, delivery and review configuration documentation

Phase 3 – Migration

The final step once the solution has passed Phase 1 and 2 and is thoroughly tested to ensure we cover all failure possibilities is to migrate servers and/or services onto the SAN. This phase is unique to each company and requires a full planning document and scope.


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