Virtualization is a technique that allows for operation of numerous independent operating systems (virtual machines) on a single physical machine also called a host. Virtualization has evolved a lot over the last few years and its always being improved and new features added. If you are not taking advantage of Virtualization technology already or looking to migrate to a new virtual platform then give us a call to discuss its benefits.

Virtualization is one largest “buzzwords” in the IT world. It involves eliminating the old model of having a single server for each application and instead having several virtual machines on a single hardware platform.

This reduces immediate costs as you need far less hardware and then saving on costs even further if the hardware was designed correctly you can continue to expand, grow and upgrade as the business requires.

Wizard has been using virtualization since release and we have considerable expertise in the this field. We have done small single server virtualization projects to large scale storage farms to deliver maximum performance and scalability.


Reasons to Virtualize

  • You only need to have a single server to use VMware/HyperV and be able to virtualize your IT environment. You can have multiple virtual servers on a single machine so the up-front costs are lower.
  • Costs savings by having several virtual machines on one physical platform is cheaper than buying hardware for each server/application
  • You will save office space as you require less hardware
  • power bill will be reduced as you run fewer machines and have less need for server room cooling
  • maintenance and upgrades are cheaper as you only have to worry about few physical platforms

Wizard will only recommend and support known virtualization technology suppliers such as Microsoft Hyper V and vMWare. Virtualization acts as the layer between the hardware and the virtual operating system also known as the host.

Budgets Savings

Hyper V and vMWare are scalable from a few virtual machines up to thousands so no matter how small or big your project we have the solution that is right for you. This can also be hosted off site in one of our datacentre where we can take care of the backups, maintenance, software upgrades and we will run this all from our own hardware so you don’t need to worry about hardware costs again.

System Availability

If you have mission critical system Wizard also recommend going with a high availbility solution which is available from both Hyper V and vMWare. This allows for a circumstances where if the physical hosts fails it will rollover to another host and you wont notice any downtime. We can also apply high availability at a software OS level so that if an operating system or application had an issue we can roll services over to another Virtual Machine to service clients. This can also be configured to have zero downtime.


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