Our UK based IT services can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and cover all your IT eventualities. We can work with you to perform a full IT review of your business and help assess what specific services would provide the maximum benefit to your organisation. We can also provide a range of cybersecurity solutions.

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Tailored to meet your specific requirements


How does it work?
You purchase a ‘support block’ in advance. You draw upon your support block as and when required – like a virtual bank balance. A minimum balance is agreed with you and set in advance. As soon as the balance gets to this level, we invoice you for another block

How do you determine how much a support block will cost?
We work with each client to estimate an approximate annual spend, and then divide this into quarterly amounts.
In some circumstances, for ease of budgeting monthly, standing orders with 6 monthly reviews can be arranged.

How does spend get authorised?
This is determined by you and the way you would prefer to work

Who has access to the support service?
Access is determined by yourselves as to who you wish to be able to use which service.

What happens if you cancel?
In the unlikely circumstances that you no longer wish to use our services, any outstanding balance will be returned to you with a final report on usage plus full documentation of your systems. We would also recommend a face to face handover in this situation to ensure a smooth transition with minimum impact to your business.

Why buy support blocks?
There is no annual tie in or contract. You are still provided with a contractual service level agreement. You only pay for the support you use

How do I know what I have spent?
On a monthly basis our exceptional database application allows us to supply you with full details of everything you have spent on your IT services, what actions were taken, how long it took, who was involved and what the outcome was. At any point in time you can access our detailed reports showing exactly how much has been spent and on what.


How does it work?
We work with each client to estimate the amount of support that may be required by your business, based on a number of factors, including, but not exclusive to, number of staff, PC’s , servers, remote workers and locations. Based on this information a service level will be agreed and a monthly figure to meet this will be calculated.

Why select a Fixed Cost Payment Plan?
For some companies the ability to fix a monthly fee for more accurate budgeting is more important than having the flexibility of no contract. The Fixed Cost Payment Plan is available on a 12 month contract with quarterly reviews.

Who has access to the support service?
Access is determined by yourselves as to who you wish to be able to use which service.

What costs are involved?
All services undertaken within core hours are included in the monthly charges. Unless agreed as part of your contract out of hours support is not included and will be charged separately.

What if some months I require more support than others?
The monthly fee is fixed and calculated on our estimates of your business requirements and the service levels you require. All support services contracted will be provided as and when required every month. There is no maximum cap, so if you use more support one month than the other there will be no additional costs. At the end of the 12 month contract we will review your account and agree an appropriate level of spend for the following year.

What happens if you cancel?
This service is based on a 12 month contract payable in monthly instalments via standing order. As part of this, we hold quarterly service reviews with you, so in the unlikely circumstances that you no longer wish to use our services, a quarter’s notice can be given during the reviews. We would use this notice period to work with you to ensure a smooth transition with minimum impact to your business.

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Staffed around the clock by a range of different skill sets including your Technical Account Manager

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Our experienced UK based IT support engineers will come to your premises and resolve your problems

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Using remote IT software, we are able to connect to your PC’s, servers, printers and other network devices

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Our scheduled IT maintenance days cover the IT support issues you have recently encountered

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A member of our technical UK based IT support team will be assigned to you as your personal account manager

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Realtime IT monitoring tools along side our own in house developed sensors to monitor your network




Max Doyle-Linden

Senior Technical Engineer

Luke Panayi

Senior Engineer & Project Lead

Charlotte Mizon

Technical Support Engineer

Luke Drage

Technical Support Engineer


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