New customers often worry that switching their IT Support Provider means they will have to deal with a period of downtime, disruption and other negative side effects which the new team takes time to “bed in”. Wizard will speak with your existing provider directly and make the whole process quick and painless.

Wizard have migrated many customers to our IT support plan and we know what is required, what questions to ask and what information is needed to ensure we can support you fully.

We will provide you with a dedicated on boarding team member who will handle every aspect of the transition.

Seven Simple Steps of Transition

Managed fully by us, so you can continue doing what you do best


1. We will set up a call with you, where you will be introduced to your dedicated on boarding specialist who will manage the entire process for you.

2. We will send you a technical information form to gather the minimum technical details we need to get the ball rolling. This can be completed by your old IT support company or your in house IT Manager. We can liaise with your old IT Support Company so you don’t have to.

3. Your dedicated on boarding specialist will then carry out an IT audit remotely to gather further information and to start making our own documentation. We will then arrange for a site visit to continue the audit by one of our senior level consultants who will introduce himself to you and they will be responsible for your higher level network and server infrastructure.They will also be installing our remote support software and application on all users PC’s so we can quickly and securely gain access to users machine to help support them better.

4. After the remote and site audits are complete our engineers will start to perform any required set-ups, migrations or changes. Wizard will be installing software that monitors all key parts of the network which will report back to our network operations team in real time. At this point your old IT Support Company will no longer have access and we can start to support you fully.

5. Our Network Operations engineers will use the information from our remote probes in your network, along with our bespoke WizHelpDesk application to gain more information about your network.

6. Your on boarding specialist will use the information compiled from the network operations team, along with the remote and site audit to produce a technical document. This will show an overview of all your technology along with our assessment of each items health along with recommendations.

7. Once all changes and migrations are complete we will arrange to meet with you again to provide you with our recommendations for your IT infrastructure and discuss your plans going forward and what you have planned. We will also answer any questions you may have and introduce you to your new main point of contact at Wizard now you have been on boarded.


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