Microsoft brings Windows 365 Cloud PC to Windows 11

windows 365

Microsoft recently released a new Windows product, Windows 365. It’s a Cloud PC platform that they now offer to their enterprise customers called Windows 365 Enterprise. Windows 365 Enterprise can also run on Windows 11.

As organisations are switching towards solutions that address the need for collaboration, security is becoming more difficult to maintain in today’s cybersecurity environment. To tackle this, employees need tools that they are familiar with and use on a regular basis.

Windows 365 Cloud PC provides a solution for Windows 10 and Windows 11 users. It will function on both systems and bring Windows to the cloud. It also brings a secure version of Windows complete with apps, settings, and data to corporate and personal devices.

In other words, this is Windows on the cloud that can be accessed from anywhere imaginable. Microsoft will leverage Microsoft Azure (Virtual Desktop) to handle the resources. In a way, it is a streamlined version of Project xCloud on Xbox, but instead of gaming, this focuses solely on Office 365 and bringing Windows streaming to devices.


The best thing about upgrading your Windows 365 to Windows 11 is that it provides new security features without causing any unnecessary issues. However, the available Windows 10 applications are identical to what you find on Microsoft’s cloud PC system. They explain the process for upgrading to Windows 11:

“If you want to support in-place upgrades from Windows 10 to Windows 11, Cloud PCs need to be turned on the day of October 5th or after. For those organisations that need to re-provision their Cloud PCs, because we leverage OneDrive Known Folder Move as one of the standard services, the process will be seamless. Your end users’ personal data is automatically backed up and will be restored after the re-provisioning process. Simply ensure that they are assigned a OneDrive license.”

If you are interested in trying out Windows 365, speak to one of our IT experts about a trial.

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