Why Upgrade to Office 365? What Are The Benefits


Have you moved to cloud based Office 365 yet or are you still using on-premises email services? In this blog post we highlight the differences between on-prem services and Office 365, to help you make the decision to upgrade. 


No more troubleshooting, patching, and upgrading responsibilities

Microsoft’s experts take on the responsibility of troubleshooting, patching, and upgrading the platform’s infrastructure so you can focus more on work and less on updates. 


Collaborate seamlessly

No more juggling between applications within your team.  

Office 365 has created a central place where everyone can communicate, access files, and do more all in one place. Whether you’re at the office, at home, or across the globe, you’ll always stay in the loop. 


Cloud Storage

There is no need to clog up your hard drive with data and saved documents as Office 365 comes with 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage to help your desktop stay clean and run smoothly.   


Security Tools

Microsoft provides the latest security tools and keeps them functional, relieving you of the management burden so you can focus on using the tools in the best way to secure your data. 


Work from anywhere in the world

Office 365 allows each licence access on up to 5 different devices, including phones, tablets and laptops. By saving to the cloud you can carry on working out of the office from any location in the world.  

Upgrading to Office 365 gives users extra productivity, flexibility, and mobility.  

Take your business to the next step by migrating to the Office 365 cloud platform. Contact us today to upgrade. 

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