Business Continuity

Backup, disaster recovery and business continuity planning should be of paramount concern to all businesses. Improve your company’s preparedness and resilience in the face of unexpected disasters with the creation of a comprehensive backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solution incorporating the latest technology and industry best practice.

We are in a world where security breaches, data loss and extended downtime are unacceptable. This is not just unacceptable to your business but also to your customers and investors.

You need to know that you have sufficient security and all keys systems are well protected, replicated and regular routine fail-overs are completed so you know you are safe.

Wizard understand the you don’t want to be burdened with management, overheads and stress and that is why Wizard has a suite of products and solutions that can cover your key systems which we design, provision, maintain and support – all on your behalf.

Disaster Recovery / Auto Failover

Disaster recovery needs to be in place and the expectations of bringing services back online and the time it takes needs to be taken into account. Important services should operate or a real-time or near real-time replication which can be switched on automatically or manually in the event of a failover. Systems like this can either be easy to setup or very difficult depending on the type of service that needs protecting and the underlying hardware/software it runs on.

Wizard work with the very best virtulisation vendors such as VMware in order to replicate servers and services from one datacentre to another in real time. Customers that are smaller or more local there are other options and vendors we work with such as Double-Take, Veeam and Neverfail.

Email Continuity

Wizard are partners with Mimecast and Symantec Messagelabs to simplify email by providing a complete package full of features that will give you full protection and compliance without the setup and management overheads.

Email security will scan, detect and either delete or quarantine SPAM and potentially harmful emails entering your email system. Mimecast and Messagelabs are both fully available cloud based offerings and can be accessed via an online portal for email retrieval and management in the event of a disaster or problem with the local email server.

Both partners also offer email archiving for the full duration of the contract to ensure emails are kept safe and easily accessible for regulatory requirement. Emails can also be sent via their outbound service to ensure email delivery and to detect any possible problems before being forwarded on.

Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

Wizards Intrusion Detection System is based on Cisco ASA Firewalls and Sourcefire Intrusion Detection Technology. Cisco completed the acquisition of Sourcefire on October 7 2013. Sourcefire is one of the best IDS systems available today and is now heavily embeeded in Cisco Next generation firewall architecture. The combination of Sourcefire and ASA allows the firewall to not only focus on policy and application based control policies but also advanced and zero-day attacks.

Cisco Sourcefire IDS system provides threat defense before, during and after an attack.

Cisco 99.2% Effectiveness, <1 day breach detection time and 1,1 million Malware samples per day.


Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) at Wizard is done using Cisco Meraki cloud based controller. This eliminates the need for onsite servers or hardware. Cisco Meraki MDM allows you to manage multi-platform devices (IOS, Android, Windows) along with its robust security and policy enforcement, scalable endpoint configuration, on-device content management, automatic device classification and auto policy deployment.

Meraki MDM also allows you to analyze network activity with automatic reporting and has a built in geofencing system so devices never travel to far from where they are supposed to be with automatic alerting and self wiping.

Managed Anti Virus

Wizard’s Managed Anti Virus service provides security for both PC’s/laptops and servers. We can deploy this anti virus centrally from an onsite server or from the cloud based controller across your entire network and have the system constantly scan and alert when it finds unprotected machines and automatically deploy. 

All policies and settings are centrally managed so that every system is working from the same settings sheet. We have a few anti virus partners and Wizard only work with the best in the industry.

DNS Management

Domain Name System (DNS) is a name you assign to your website and email ( DNS is vital and must be maintained as these records are responsible for email delivery, pointing users to your website, remote workers able to access email, services and applications along with email protection features such as SPF and much more.

Wizard manages your DNS records for you ensuring renewals are completed and reducing the risk of DNS-related downtime.

Two Factor Authentication

Cybersecurity is becoming a concern for many business and traditional password protection for remote access into systems is no longer sufficient. The three most common categories are often described as something you know (the knowledge factor), something you have (the possession factor) and something you are (the inherence factor).

Two factor authentication can sometimes be a pain if not thoroughly tested and thought through as this process although adds an additonal step should go unnoticed. We work with Duo Security and they install a small App on your smartphone and when you connect you will get an alert that says asks you if its you. Press the Green Tick to confirm or Red X to deny. Its that simple!


Whether you have a project in the pipeline or need advice and support, our IT consultants can assist