Custom Programming

Sometimes out of the box solutions are not enough and they don’t work and fit as well as you liked. Bespoke applications are not expensive as you might think and Wizard has highly skilled engineers that can design and turn around projects very quickly. We can even host them for you on our Wizard Cloud platform.

Wizard have designed, built and implemented projects for all different sectors to achieve exactly what the customer needs. Wizard will understand how you work and what you want to achieve and then work with you through every step to give you a system that is a perfect fit.

Wizard can design Smart Phone App’s, Web Applications and Windows applications and we will work with you on the project from initial discussions right through to completion. We can also offer ongoing support and hosting options to guarantee you will be supported with every step.

Recent Projects

WizardCloud Invoicing

WizardCloud Invoicing is a cloud-based system for managing supplier invoices and posting them in to your accounts package. It consists of 3 core modules- scanning, processing and posting.

– The scanning module is a light-weight client that is installed on your PC or local server and interacts with your scanner to automatically upload invoices

– The processing module is a web-based portal to manage the invoices which can be viewed from any device

– The posting module is part of the light-weight client, and is an interface to interact with your preferred accounts package such as Sage 50 and Sage 200

Accident Reporting System

Accident Reporting is a web-based system for logging accidents for staff and customers in a multi-restaurant environment. It uses an approval workflow to allow fast communication between restaurants and the health and safety managers to ensure all information is collected before being submitted. It interacts with the customers hospitality system to quickly fill out details on employees and also sends formatted reports to relevant parties on completion.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (QA) is a web-based system to perform quality assurance for localised audio files. It enables our customer to publish batches of mp4 files and assign them to checkers from all around the world to ensure the translations and pronunciations are correct, and also add notes. Once a batch is complete, a notification is sent to the publisher of the batch.

Job Tracker

Job Tracker is an internal administration tool used to keep track of projects, costs and invoices. The system manages suppliers, clients and the life-cycle of the projects associated to them. It handles foreign currencies and exchange rates to make it simple to translate to an accounts package, and also provides fully customisable reports and work-in-progress calculations tailored to any customer.

Whether you have a project in the pipeline or need advice and support, our IT consultants can assist