The most important thing for any business is efficiency. Being able to create communicate and collaborate makes any business more effective. Access to productivity tools enables employees to complete their work more easily.

Having access to these tools from anywhere makes a company’s infrastructure more agile and enables them to compete in their sector.

This is why email is such an integral part of any business. At Wizard IT we have a range of email services to help optimise your IT infrastructure and improve communication performance.

We cover all aspects of email from the hosting right down to the signatures displayed.


Office 365

Office 365 Email has many benefits that can help transform your businesses infrastructure

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G Suite

G Suite is a fantastic suite of intelligent applications for business communications, collaborations, and organisation

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Email Backup

Having a disaster recovery plan in place is imperative for any business, but what sometimes gets overlooked are company emails

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Wizard IT offers a centralised management web portal for controlling user signatures within your organisation

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