Having a disaster recovery plan in place is imperative for any business, but what sometimes gets overlooked are company emails. Imagine the effects on your organisation if you lost all your customer and internal emails.

Wizard IT has been providing email backup solutions for years and now with the power of the cloud we can offer cost-effective backup solutions for your email and the rest of your IT infrastructure.

Back up Microsoft 365

Wizard can ensure that everything you have stored on your Microsoft Exchange online account is safely backed up. Everything including emails, attachments, calendars, contacts, and tasks can be backed up. It’s not just the main mailboxes that can be rescued as all information on the group and archive mailboxes can also be securely backed up.

In the event that something does go wrong, then all of the saved data that you need can be quickly and easily recovered, giving you and your business peace of mind.

Back up Microsoft 365 Teams

We can efficiently and securely back up entire teams, including the team name, members list channels, and most importantly content. Team mailboxes, meetings, and team sites will also be safely backed up. All the information that we back up can be rapidly recovered so your business is never left without the tools that it needs.