Why move from GoDaddy Office 365 solution?

GoDaddy specialises in serving small businesses that are made up of 1 to 10 users. When you’re only a few people, you don’t have any IT staff so the platform has to be very simple. To make sure there is no confusion, GoDaddy built a UI (User Interface) on top of Office 365 to make it so simple that any small company could navigate their Office 365 needs.

The drawback is that by adding this UI, GoDaddy severely limits the flexibility and usability of Office 365. This isn’t a problem when you’re only 1 to 5 users, but as your company grows and more people have additional needs, it becomes really clear at around 10 employees that GoDaddy has you trapped and you need a new solution.

Wizard can migrate you from GoDaddy to Microsoft Office 365, allowing you to unlock all the licenses and features, and potentially saving you money going forward.

Limited Features

The account you sign up for with GoDaddy is designed for very small businesses (less than 10 employees) or individuals. So, it gives you the basics, but not more advanced features that a small business might need as they grow. You’re connecting to the apps through a GoDaddy user interface (UI), which restricts what you can do and the integration of other apps.

If you have more than 10 employees, you have to specifically contact GoDaddy for a quote from “one of our Microsoft 365 experts.”

Signing up through their service severely limits your ability to grow and can mean a major pain if you need to add on that 11th user and then find out you have to cancel your current account and try to migrate to a new one.

How do I move away from GoDaddy?

Unfortunately, you have no choice but to migrate your data from GoDaddy Office 365 to Microsoft Office 365, where you will be free of all of these problems and unlock all features.

The actual migration itself is not all that simple. You will most likely need an IT professional like Wizard who has specifically migrated away from GoDaddy before.

Wizard are happy to provide a no-obligation quote to migrate all your existing data to Microsoft Office 365 from GoDaddy

The Benefits

Office 365 Email has many benefits that can help transform your businesses infrastructure, it works seamlessly with all other Office 365 products and is a must-have for any business, here are 5 key benefits to using Office 365 Email.

Email Security
Out of the box, Office 365 gives you the industry’s leading anti-malware protection and anti-spam filtering technologies to help protect you from ever-present email threats.

Lost your phone? You can remotely wipe your emails from any device keeping all your personal and company information secure.

Easy to Manage
Microsoft 365 gives you access to a simple admin centre that lets you set up new user emails, restore deleted accounts, create custom scripts, and much more from any location. You also get archiving capabilities for legal discovery and compliance, plus eDiscovery.
Make you emails distinctive by creating a custom format, include images, and use your own company domain.
As your business grows you will have full access to all Microsoft products and license options compared with limited licenses available via GoDaddy.

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