Microsoft Exchange

When it comes to migrating emails, Office 365 Microsoft Exchange is the perfect solution for both security and dependability.

Our experts have years of experience migrating email systems over to Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange Servers. By utilising our expertise, you can be assured that you will not suffer any data loss or missing file attachments.

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Types of Email Migrations

We understand that every business is different and with these variations we understand that businesses demand Email Migration solutions to suit their needs.

Cutover Migration
Where all email data is transferred over to Microsoft Exchange, perfect for companies with a small number of employees.
Staged Migration
If you have a large number of emails and attachments, data can be moved in batches to limit the disruption to your organisation.
Hybrid Migration
For those businesses looking to have the best of both worlds on-premise and Office 365 / Exchange Online.

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Benefits of Cloud Email

There are many benefits to moving your email over to a cloud-based solution below are just some of the reasons businesses are making the leap to a cloud-based email solution.


The biggest benefit is cost, companies vastly reduce the amount they spend on IT maintenance as cloud providers handle all upgrades and maintenance.


Removing the hardware element completely from your on-premise email takes with it the reliance on server maintenance, meaning that your cloud-based email is always performing at its best without any interaction from your IT department.

Remote Access

Cloud-based email can be accessed anywhere and from any device. Which is proven to boost productivity especially for remote workers.

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