Licensing as a Service

Licensing over the last decade has become increasingly more complicated with the introduction of the cloud, not to mention vendor models becoming more complex than ever before.

This complexity can cause companies to make costly mistakes if they do not understand the vendor rules or source the correct licensing from the cheapest source.

Using our extensive knowledge and partnerships, we can source some of the cheapest licensing on the market.

Not having your licensing correctly organised and managed can sometimes lead to oversights, the last thing you want is an audit where they uncover unlicensed software.

This can lead to huge fines and countless man-hours spent trying to find the lost licensing agreements.

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Cost Effective

Wizard IT has partnerships with many of the industry-leading software providers out there, meaning we can get you the best deals on the software you need.

A lot of the time we find that many businesses have old licensing still in place for the software they no longer use but are still paying the annual licensing fees. We can assist you with tightening up your infrastructure and make sure you are only paying for the software you need.



You can rest assured that you are compliant across your business with Wizard managing your licensing. We can provide you with all the necessary documentation if a software audit was to be carried out on your company.

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