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Planning an office move or relocating your IT Services can be one of the biggest challenges your IT staff can face. If not executed correctly you could face disruptions in your business, loss of data, or broken hardware.

Wizard IT has been helping businesses relocate offices for more than 25 years and know exactly what processes need to be carried out to ensure your business is kept online and operational during your relocation and most importantly minimise risk during the move.

Our Process

Relocating your IT infrastructure isn’t a case of just moving your computers from one location to another, IT relocation takes careful planning, risk assessment, documentation, and relocation management. With our extensive experience, we have the perfect formula to ensure that your office move goes off without a hitch.


We recognise that every business is different which is why we must first understand your IT infrastructure. Our experts will liaise with your IT staff to understand your business and find any vulnerabilities. This step is vital in constructing an effective risk assessment that will help us prepare for any possible disruptions during the relocation.


Moving office is the perfect time to really look at your hardware and decide whether it’s time to upgrade or move part or all of your IT infrastructure over to the cloud. Wizard IT can help with Procurement and moving your service to a cloud-based system.

Working to Deadlines

Office moves often come with tight deadlines which means careful planning must be implemented to ensure everything runs smoothly.


Taking inventory will ensure that everything is accounted for from your current location to your destination. Everything is labelled and packed securely to ensure all equipment is accounted for and there is no damage during transit.

Keeping your Business Online

At Wizard, we will ensure your business can stay functional during the moving process. We will minimise the moving time to the absolute minimum, to ensure we can have you all set up as quick as possible.

Risk Management

Part of the risk assessment is backing up your data, moving your hardware can come with risk, although we take every measure possible to ensure nothing is damaged during transit it’s always good to be safe in the knowledge that all your data is backed up.

Protecting your Hardware

We will handle all the technical aspects of your operation like shutting down servers, unplugging, and categorising hardware before securely wrapping and putting it into foam-lined crates for transport.

Specialised Van Fleet

At Wizard IT, we have a fleet of vans optimised for moving IT hardware, this is to ensure nothing is damaged during transit.


We will prioritise which hardware needs to be transported first so our engineers at your destination can start setting up your most important hardware first.

Setting Up

Once we have transported all your hardware our engineers will start by setting up, re-building, and re-racking your hardware before testing it to make sure everything is running as it should be.


Everything is monitored from our inventory checklist made prior to ensure nothing was left at the previous location or lost during transit.


Our Wizard engineers will monitor your devices post-move to ensure everything is running as it should be. A dedicated account manager will oversee any changes in your infrastructure and will be available to fix any issues that may arise.


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Make Improvements to your IT Infrastructure

Moving office is the perfect time to take a step back and review your existing IT services. Wizard, IT has extensive knowledge of the latest technologies and has partnerships with most of the leading tech companies in the IT industry. Check out some of the ways Wizard IT can help you upgrade your IT infrastructure during your IT relocation.

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