Starting a company can be a lot for anyone to take on, let alone figuring out the right solutions for your business’s IT infrastructure. Wizard IT has been providing tailored IT solutions for start-ups for over 25 years.

Our unique approach ensures that your business takes the first steps for success without incurring extortionate IT costs.

A common mistake a lot of start-ups make is buying the wrong or overestimating the amount of hardware, licenses, and software needed for their business. Wizard IT has partnerships with most of the leading tech giants and combined with our 25+ years of knowledge we can assure you will get the right equipment to run a successful business whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

Scalable Solutions

As your business starts to grow your IT infrastructure needs to reflect this. Why pay extortionate upfront costs for IT services that may take months to see any use. Wizard IT offers easily scalable services that can grow with your business. Below are just some of the scalable solutions Wizard IT has to offer.


Cloud Services

Deploying to the cloud has a host of benefits for a new business, self-hosted options come with huge upfront costs and limited capabilities, this is why more and more new businesses are harnessing the power of the cloud.Find out More »

Azure Virtual Desktops

It may seem strange to push desktops to the cloud, but it is the next step in the evolution of digital transformation. Similar to how you scale web-based applications to your customer, Windows Virtual Desktop makes it easy to quickly deploy desktops to the same scalability.Find out More »


Wizard IT has partnerships with many of the industry-leading software providers out there, meaning we can get you the best deals on the software you need and scale your licensing as and when it’s needed.Find out More »

Microsoft Teams

Being a cloud-based platform at its core Microsoft Teams makes it effortless to stay connected with your business anywhere, anytime from any device.

Therefore, many businesses are turning to Teams for their telephony solutions. With the rise of COVID and as we enter a more digital age, Microsoft Teams is the perfect solution for any company to stay connected.Find out More »

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