Having trouble finding the cheapest solution for storing your files and data? Want to move your files to cloud-based solution or on-prem? Wizard IT has been helping customers make the transition to their storage destination of choice for the past 25 years.

We can help you source the best rates for storing files and data as well as helping with the migration. Migration can be done in stages or in bulk.

Our Process

Migrating your data takes serious thought and consideration, before making the move we follow a certain process to ensure we find the perfect solutions for you.


Before we can start we need to understand your data so we can first establish the best platform to host whether that be in the cloud or in-house.

Scan Data

We then need to establish which data is sensitive and identify any potential risks with migrating.

The Migration

The migration of data can be done in bulk or in stages to ensure there are no disruptions in your organisation.

Migrating to the Cloud

If you’re looking to migrate your data and your IT infrastructure to the cloud but are not sure how then our Azure Consultancy might be perfect for you.