Wizard is a Microsoft Cloud partner and we have been helping customers migrate from on-premise solutions or other hosted email systems to Office 365.

We understand the complexity of email infrastructure and can successfully manage your transitions to Office 365 to give you everything you would expect from an on premise solution and much more.

We can assist your migration of all different email platforms from early versions of Microsoft Exchange through to Lotus notes and other web based email systems.

We have our own tools and applications to migrate any email solution to Migration Office 365 with no risk and minimal downtime.

Wizard is a Office 365 partner and we help customers make an informed decision on the right subscription products to their business needs.

All of our technical support and service desk are fully training with Office 365 architecture and anyone that picks up the phone can will be able to assist with your query.

Wizard can give you ongoing support and this gives you a single point of contact and responsibility for maintaining your investment in the Microsoft Cloud solution.

Services Include

  • Email Archiving and Compliance options
  • Migration Technical Planning
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Single Sign-on options
  • Full/partial integration options
  • Customisation
  • User and data migration
  • Implementation
  • Configuration
  • Federation and Active Directory Synchronisation (Single Sign-On)
  • Co-existence (Hybrid Solutions)
  • Post Implementation training
  • Online Customer Portal management
  • Security management
  • Custom user policy configuration

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Whats Included with Office 365

Office 365 is packed with a powerful suite of applications to support any growing business’s needs, these can be accessed on most devices including PC, Macs, tablets, and phones. With over a billion users worldwide currently, it’s easy to see why business owners are harnassing the power of Office 365.

Below are just some of the applications available on the office 365 platform.



Microsoft Word is a powerful word processor at its core, allowing businesses to produce documents with a WYSIWYG interface. Word has come along way since its first release back in 1989 and now offers features such as converting documents to web pages, real-time translation, as well as integration with other Microsoft Applications


Microsoft Powerpoint is a presentation program at its core, it can create visually pleasing presentations to aid businesses in formulating their meetings more efficiently. Since it first launched Powerpoint has the ability to integrate with other office applications and is now easier for users to collaborate on projects together.


Onedrive is a particularly powerful tool for businesses that don’t want to spend the additional hardware costs of storage for their users by giving them access to cloud storage. these cloud storage files make it easier to share and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.


Microsoft Excel is a data visualisation tool that has all the features of a spreadsheet but also includes, graphing tools, pivot tables, as well as the ability to create macros to automate work. Excel is great for businesses looking to analyse data in a meaningful and easy way.


Outlook is Microsoft’s answer to email management, from within this program you can send and receive emails as well as schedule meetings and sync with other users’ calendars to ensure your users stay connected with one another.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a great way for businesses to stay connected with clients as well as employees. Teams can be used as your main phone system and offers a platform to share, collaborate and discuss projects, documents, and other aspects of your business. Click here to find out more about integrating Microsoft Teams into your business.

To view all the services that are available for Office 365 click here.

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