Why Use Wizard IT

Helping you stay safe, Wizard uses a few selected real-time IT monitoring tools along side our own in house developed sensors to monitor your network.

Wizard uses these tools and sensors in order to be as proactive as possible as we will be made aware of a problem via email or phone call depending on the severity of the alarm and we can log the ticket and start resolving before you are even aware.

Some of our custom sensors can even detect a suspected failure or unusual behavior so we can investigate and resolve it before it becomes an issue.

Network Monitoring

Wizard has been using network monitoring tools for many 20+ years but we have finally settled on a product that allows us to pull and display results exactly how we need to respond promptly.

We have incorporated the network monitoring with our own Wizard Help Desk Ticketing system which allows for seamless logging and swift assignment and action when alarms are triggered.

Wizard IT are able to spot anomalies within a network and rectify problems before customers are even aware they have happened.

Alternatively, our sister brand Wizard Cyber offers cost-effective advanced UK based cyber security solutions that can work alongside your Wizard IT support.

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