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Scheduled IT maintenance is one of the simplest ways of keeping your network and infrastructure healthy.

Our scheduled IT maintenance days cover the IT support issues you have recently encountered, run maintenance checks on your infrastructure, and review how your business is performing against your business objectives.

As your business objectives and priorities change over time it also gives us the opportunity to spend some face to face time with you, understand your corporate goals, discuss proactive approaches, review and answer any questions that you may have. Alongside this, we also offer IT consultancy services.

Infrastructure Proactive Maintenance

Having an IT infrastructure running smoothly is critical to your business’s success. Wizard IT recognises this, and provides a range of services that ensure your infrastructure is not just operational but proactively maintained and is achieving the best performance possible.

Without a proactive maintenance solution in place, your company can fall victim to cyber threats, slow response times in your infrastructure as well as potential loss of data.

Below are just some of the ways Wizard has helped its customers overcome certain maintenance issues.


Upgrading Software

Having your software applications kept up to date is imperative for any business. Using out of date versions of software can cause compatibility issues and leave you exposed to cyber threats. Wizard IT can easily manage and monitor all software applications within your organisation with the ability to roll back to previous versions if needed giving you complete control of your IT infrastructure.

Upgrading Firmware

Firmware upgrading plays an integral part in your operation, without proper management, regular updates, and monitoring your business can be exposed to cyber threats as well as disruptions in your IT infrastructure. The most common firmware updates include switches, routers, and firewalls. Wizard IT has decades of experience in this field and can provide a bespoke infrastructure management service to suit your business needs.

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Endpoint Proactive Maintenance

Wizards Proactive Endpoint Management provides you with our trained IT experts, helping you with the difficult task of endpoint management, even if you use multiple hardware vendors and different operating systems we can help.

The service is designed to keep all your devices performing at their best, and to keep the security of your network in the best condition possible.


Patch Management

Patch management is the biggest security hole in any company and its third-party software that is the main cause as 75% of attacks use publicly known vulnerabilities in commercial software that could be prevented by regular patching. Keeping up to date with Operating System and third party patches will drastically reduce your chances of being compromised.Read More »

Security Updates

For better protection of your IT infrastructure endpoint security is not something to be overlooked. Endpoint security requires regular updates to keep your end-users protected from malicious attacks and cyber threats. Wizard IT has been managing companies’ infrastructures for decades and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to keeping IT systems, running, compliant, and regularly updated.

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