Looking at the Benefits of Procuring via G-Cloud


Wizard IT and Wizard Cyber, part of the Wizard Group, are government-approved for purchase via the G-Cloud 12 framework providing services in the following areas :

  • Cloud software
  • Cloud services
  • Cloud support

What is G-Cloud?

G-Cloud was set up by the UK government to standardise the terms and conditions agreed upon between cloud hosting providers and public sector organisations. G-Cloud makes it easier, cheaper, and safer for purchasers to find the right supplier, with assurances relating to transparency of cost and data security.

Solutions listed on G-Cloud are already government-approved, enabling public sector organisations to procure with ease, speed and confidence.

Benefits of Procuring via G-Cloud

As a simple and safe digital marketplace for public sector organisations, G-Cloud offers significant benefits for authority teams:

Save time and budget

Easily search for solutions, contact potential suppliers and start working with them in days – saving time for your team.

OJEU compliance made easy

A simple process for fully OJEU-compliant procurement. Wizard were thoroughly assessed during the application process, so you can be sure that your procurement exercise is already EU compliant, with pre-agreed terms and conditions offering sound contractual safeguards.

Simple procurement, including ‘Direct Award’

Technology procurement can be overwhelming, given the range of options and complexity of solutions. G-Cloud makes it easier to find and assess compliant solutions, and it is possible to ‘Direct Award’ to the supplier that best meets your needs, avoiding the need to issue a tender.



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