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Benefit from Migrating

You might have vital data stored in old legacy systems which may no longer be supported or may have major security flaws.

The business case for migrating data is therefore powerful. Not only can it help reduce cost and risk, but also introduce more efficient processes through the use of newer technologies.

We’re able to support you throughout this process, helping you transition data seamlessly and effectively with minimum effort on your part – and maximum business gain.

Wizard IT has been helping customers make the transition to their storage destination of choice for the past 25 years.

If you’re needing assistance with Email Migrations, we can help with that too.

A Fully Managed Service

Wizard IT will manage all aspects of the project – including 3rd party liaison. We oversee the seamless migration of master and transactional data onto the new platform, including sanitising, loading and validating existing data.

The solution is subjected to a thorough integration test to ensure the solution handles new and existing data efficiently and operates as expected with all third-party touchpoints.

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On-Premises to SharePoint Migration

SharePoint is a collaborative online system that is part of Office 365. It uses workflow applications, list databases and security features to enable better file management in a business environment.

Moving file server contents to SharePoint Online can not only help you reduce your costs but also be a big productivity boost for your users. Many companies that need to manage a large number of files have recently made the leap to this system because of its advantages in comparison to standard file servers.

SharePoint offers full control over user permissions and can accommodate a lot more data than legacy file servers.

Our developers are experts at such migrations involving upgrading legacy file servers and can provide tailor-made SharePoint migration services for your business.


SharePoint - Mergers and Acquisitions

Consolidating your IT systems quickly and efficiently is crucial. Delays will negatively impact your business operations and can be detrimental to both your employees and your customers.

SharePoint, above all, is a tool that supports and simplifies collaboration because of how it seamlessly integrates with other Office 365 functions.

Migrating your existing SharePoint site collections, file hierarchies, and permissions between SharePoint Online tenants should be straightforward.

At Wizard IT, our team of skilled Developers and Project Support Team are here to assist you through all the complexities that mergers and acquisitions bring with them, and to make the process as seamless as possible.

On-Premises to Azure Files Migration

You have migrated your data to SharePoint and One Drive, but you’re still left with file servers and file data on-premises. If cloud is your goal, replacing your file server with Azure Files means that you can now do away with the server entirely, and use the cloud to fully replicate your file servers’ functionality.

You get all the same capabilities as you do with an on-premises file server, but the benefits of a Platform-as-a-Service solution that doesn’t require servers.

When migrating over to Azure Files, Active Directory Authentication for Azure Files means that any permissions that you had set up on your on-premises server, can be mirrored onto Azure Files so that you still have control over each user’s permission.

Because access to the file server with Azure Files is cloud-based, users can access the file shares away from the corporate network, allowing them to continue working from home or working remotely.

If you’re interested in moving your file server to the cloud using Azure Files, get in touch with our experts at Wizard IT, and we can help you find the best solution for your file storage needs.

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Dropbox to SharePoint Migration

Many companies use Dropbox to store all types of data. However, it does come with limitations. If your organization plans to upgrade to an advanced document solution, SharePoint is the ideal enterprise solution with several integrations to both Microsoft and partner applications.

As a trusted Microsoft Solutions Partner with over 25 years of experience, Wizard IT will help identify and implement the right solution to migrate your content from Dropbox to SharePoint. Our team of experts are available to assist with any queries or support needed. Contact us to learn more about our SharePoint Migration services.

Google Shared Drive to SharePoint Migration

We can help your business seamlessly migrate your Google Suite data content to SharePoint and keep all your data and security permissions and improve your employee’s productivity and user experience. By migrating from Google to SharePoint, you can expect to see increased scalability, performance and usability of your systems with new features.

Knowing about potential challenges is the first step and understanding how to avoid them is the second. Finding the right partner in helping you ensure a smooth transition away from Google Enterprise is the final piece of the puzzle.

Fortunately, our team of experts can help. We make it easy to move across without the risk of content loss. Our team will also be available to assist with any support queries.

cloud migration

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Migrating File Storage to SharePoint

If you’re looking to migrate your files to your on-prem SharePoint or SharePoint 365 but are unsure where to start then Wizard IT can help. We have decades of experience in migrating files and data to various platforms and have an up to date knowledge of all new cloud storage solutions.

Below are just some of the storage solutions we have helped our clients migrate to SharePoint.

  • Amazon S3
  • Azure Blob
  • Box
  • File Shares
  • G Suite
  • Office 365
  • Onedrive
  • Dropbox
  • Egnyte

Our Process

Migrating your data takes serious thought and consideration, before making the move we follow a certain process to ensure we find the perfect solutions for you.



We can identify all risks and relevant data sources and convert the necessary data, to make it readily accessible in your new system. We also evaluate existing databases and understand how we can convert such data to make it compatible with this new system.


Extract & Transform Data

In this phase, we extract data from the existing database which can also include building custom code to extract the data along with any transformation or cleansing that needs to be applied to the data before it can be transferred to the new Database.


The Migration

Finally, we import the cleansed data to the new system, either in one go or phased or in parallel. Quite often it makes sense to move all the more static data first and time the more active transnational data to avoid downtime.

Data Migration FAQS

When is Data Migration necessary?

There are lots of reasons why the need for data migration can arise, perhaps you are modernising your legacy system and need the data migrated from the old system over to the new one or you’ve got a new software application and you want to integrate the data from an older application.

As a business, you could have acquired a new subsidiary, or you’re merging and you need data to be moved from many systems on to one or perhaps need to share data between applications.

What is Data Migration?

Data Migration is the movement of an organisation’s data from one or multiple data sources to a target system. The process is usually required following the introduction of a new business system. This new system could be due to system consolidation, an application upgrade, a strategic tooling decision, a new data warehousing solution, or a company merger.

How long does a typical migration take?

The timescale for the migration varies depending on a number of factors. The time it takes is dependant on the number of data loads needed and the extent of the data checking that is needed.

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