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Having trouble finding the best solution for storing your files and data? Want to move your files to a cloud-based solution or on-prem? We can help you source the best rates for storing files and data as well as helping with the migration. Migration can be done in stages or in bulk.

Wizard IT has been helping customers make the transition to their storage destination of choice for the past 25 years.

If you’re needing assistance with Web Hosting and Migrations, we can help with that too.

On-Premises to Azure Migration

Migrate your IT infrastructure and applications from your on-premises datacenters to Azure with Wizard IT. We offer flexible and highly customised cloud migration paths that will benefit your business.

Microsoft Azure is a vast platform of cloud services that can help scale your business. It’s the freedom to build, manage and deploy applications on a massive global network using your favourite tools and frameworks. Using Azure can provide your business with a reliable and accessible cloud environment that can be customised to work best for you. It offers an alternative to an on-premises infrastructure which may present challenges.

Our Azure migration practice will help you move, manage and secure all your workloads from on-premise to the Azure Platform. Accelerate your migration journey to Azure with a trusted Azure Migration Advisor.

If you’re looking to migrate your IT infrastructure to the cloud, Wizard IT is an experienced team that ensures the migration is seamless. We provide planning, testing and migration services that save you time and money.

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SQL Server Migration

There’s never been a better time to start migrating on-premises apps to the cloud. While organisations have built new apps in the cloud, many older projects still remain in data centres. Some of these apps can easily be moved to the cloud to help lay the foundation for a modern data estate.

The SQL Server Migration Service is the quickest and easiest way to move to the cloud. Whether you’re migrating from SQL Server or moving from Oracle, Sybase, DB2, or MySQL, this fully managed migration service uses a guided, easy-to-implement process to streamline tasks.

Book a meeting with one of our SQL Server specialists today and we’ll discuss how this approach has already helped many organisations like yours successfully implement their SQL Server migration strategy.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions can be a stressful time for all involved. As organizations face major changes across the business and IT often must respond to new challenges involving desktop and servers, infrastructure, applications, and identity and security issues.

Wizard IT offers a full range of merger and acquisition consulting services, designed to help organizations more effectively capitalize on the opportunities presented by a merger or acquisition. Our experience in mergers and acquisitions helps clients achieve successful business combinations and capture the maximum ROI from their merger and acquisition deals.

By understanding your business needs and processes, we can help you identify the best strategy and technology for your needs. Having identified the most appropriate solution, Wizard IT can help you to implement that solution in the most cost-effective and efficient way to position your organization for maximum performance and productivity.


Application Server Migrations

You’re currently running Applications on-premise and they have become core to the way your business operates. However, it’s time to modernise and take advantage of increased performance levels and lower costs by migrating to Cloud Infrastructure.

When migrating such important applications, it’s important you get it right. This is why working with Wizard IT will eliminate the risk of migrating. We have over 25 years of experience and have migrated and then gone on to manage the database and cloud environment of hundreds of customers.

At Wizard IT, we can assist in making sure that the migration process runs smoothly.

Speak to one of our IT experts and book a FREE online consultation TODAY!

Benefits of Cloud Servers

Migrating your data takes serious thought and consideration, before making the move we follow a certain process to ensure we find the perfect solutions for you.

Cloud storage, especially dedicated server hosting, allows users the protection of a cloud provider’s own systems. Migrating data to the cloud protects sensitive information from physical damage, human error, and cyberthreats.
As a business grows, users can scale their cloud service plans to include more storage, more applications, and more services provided by the host. That might include opting for a private- or multi-cloud solution to meet evolving needs.
Managing a heavy network of IT infrastructure can become expensive and taxing on smaller IT departments. Offloading the storage and performance capabilities of your business applications will reduce the amount of investment you make in IT hardware.
When data and applications are confined to local systems, access is typically limited to clearly defined times and circumstances. But the cloud erases time and location constraints, so that data and services are available at all times, from anywhere in the world.

Migration FAQ's

How does outsourcing a migration work?

Wizard IT’s migration service experts will get in touch with you to thoroughly understand your requirements and define the project scope. Our team demonstrates different project proposals based on engagement prototypes that are matching with your requirements and start working on your migration.

What is the migration process?

Assess: On-premise apps, data, and infrastructure are analysed. By mapping dependencies for various applications, their priority for cloud migration is fixed.

Migrate: With minimal downtime, migrate all your applications and resources to the cloud platform.

Optimise: Boost performance, maximize returns and meet organisational standards by optimising cloud resources.

Security: with the help of built-in services, ensure the security of migrated resources and applications.

How long does it take to complete an Azure migration?

Depending on the scope and complexity of the project, Azure cloud migration will take some time to be completed successfully. Wizard IT’s Azure migration services guarantee well-timed project deliverance with the highest project quality and maximum data security, regardless of how intricate project requirements are.

Is my data safe during the migration process?

One advantage of the Cloud is the inherent security protections that are always being updated and monitored to protect from evolving threats and attacks. However, many businesses are concerned about possible vulnerabilities during the migration process itself. A key part of the migration process involves understanding application dependencies, setting up a test environment, and performing stringent testing before the migration takes place.

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