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It’s always good to evaluate the cost of moving away from your current web host. They might be too expensive or offer an insufficient, unreliable service. The last thing you want is for your site to go down when you need it most.

Our migration team knows that switching can be hard, but our process is streamlined to get you up and running in no time. You can have all the benefits of a modern platform, without having to start from scratch.

Our migration process aims to ward off downtime and keep you and your clients happy. That way, the move won’t affect your workflow, and you won’t have to worry about potential disruptions. We will work with your previous IT or hosting provider to make sure that everything is covered. If you’re needing assistance with Server Migration, we can help with that too.

Organisations undergoing digital transformations are looking for avenues to modernize, innovate, and adapt their application landscapes to the latest technology available on the big public cloud platforms, such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Migrating web applications to the cloud is sometimes referred to as “Lift and Shift” – lifting your existing application from its former home on a traditional VPS or dedicated server and migrating it to a Cloud environment.

Cloud providers like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services have revolutionised the web hosting options and allow powerful but cost-effective web infrastructure to be available to businesses of all sizes.

web application

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For many businesses, the first eCommerce site they operate offers basic features and performance. As time goes on and your eCommerce site grows, you may find your previous platform to be slow, poorly designed, and incapable of meeting customer needs. Conversely, you can find that your costs are too high or you are paying for features you never use, in which case you could downsize to save money. Upkeep and maintenance can become a burden on your team, whether the tool is provided by a third party or built in-house.

Replatforming is a big task that will take time and effort. More than that, it will change your entire eCommerce site, including the design, admin navigation, functionality, performance, and much more. Replatforming needs to be done for the right reasons and at the right time for your business.

If you would prefer to place this task in the hands of an expert team of developers, reach out to us.

Benefits of Web Application Migration

We understand that every business is different and, with these variations, we understand that businesses demand Web and Hosting Migration solutions to suit their needs.

Cost Savings
Cloud hosting is modular and configurable, and so can be tailored precisely to the demands of your application. Furthermore, by modernising your application and utilising serverless microservices, you can sometimes run parts of your web systems at no cost.
Rather than hosting your important web systems on a vulnerable single server, Cloud hosting can be configured to use multiple servers, cached content delivery and self-healing systems to ensure that your systems are always available.
If your business is growing your web systems must grow with it. Cloud infrastructure is capable of scaling infinitely, using highly efficient services for content delivery and data storage.
On-premises data centres allow for direct control over security measures that comply with company standards. With cloud technology, you maintain peace of mind with access to 24/7 unified security management across hybrid cloud networks.

Web Migration FAQ's

What is a website migration?

A website migration involves moving an open-source CMS install from one server to another without disrupting the sites functionality.

Why would I need a website migration?

Site migrations are pretty common – you just might not realize that you require one. There are plenty of reasons that a business would require a site migration, many of which can overlap depending on your exact needs. Common reasons to migrate your website include:

  • A hosting change
  • A new CMS or e-commerce platform
  • Platform updates
  • A domain change
  • A website redesign

While any one of these events can require a site migration, many of them can, and will, overlap. For example, you may undergo a hosting change during a website redesign.

How long does a migration take?

We can usually start immediately (or at a time of your choosing). Migrations might be very quick – under an hour – or take up to a day if there are a lot of files or some migration bugs.

Will there be downtime?

No, we will move your website to your new provider before repointing your domain. That way, both your new and old hosts will show your website during the changeover

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