Setting Up Your Business for Remote Working – Post-Pandemic


Working from home has been essential for so many businesses to stay in operation during lockdowns over the last year (2020-2021).

Due to its overall success nationwide, many companies will make the decision, or have already made the decision, to continue home working once the pandemic is over.

The undoubted reason behind the success of remote working has been the availability of certain technology and tools.

This is because specific software has been created, before the pandemic but enhanced and upgraded thereafter, to make working between multiple teams from any geographical distance a seamless experience.

Whether you’ve experienced the company benefits of remote working and hot-desking directly, or whether it’s something you’re looking to try for the first time, we’ll take you through the tools available to help you set up your business for working from home – as well as the benefits of doing so.

Monitoring Your Teams – Project Communication Between Staff

One thing most business owners worry about when it comes to remote working is a lack of monitoring when it comes to task delegation and team communication. That’s why cost-effective tools like Microsoft Teams are so essential to keeping everyone informed and operations running smoothly.

Microsoft Teams offers instant chat functionality for real-time communication between all departments and relevant staff members simultaneously at any given time. You can assign groups based on departments, skills and by individual projects themselves.

This allows you to assign tasks and view progress just as you would in an in-person team meeting.

When you need communication to be complete in a more personal way, Microsoft Teams also allows video calls with parties of various sizes, e.g. either one-on-one or up to a huge 250 participants at once. This means team communication will always be available at your fingertips.

Monitoring Your Teams – Customer Communication

Another perceived issue is that calls between staff and clientele will not be able to be monitored due to calls being made from hardware owned by employees at home, rather than using shared company hardware.

This is also something that Microsoft Teams can be set-up to solve. Microsoft Teams offers incoming phone line functionality which allows specific phone number extensions to be set up for each of your departments, and for specific employees within a department too.

Call recording can be integrated into Microsoft Teams by utilising third party software, meaning you can easily monitor call performance as well as quality control. All call recordings are securely stored on The Cloud to maintain all legal compliance.

Access to these calls also allows you to keep a record of key information for all customer-related enquiries, and these recorded calls can also provide great training material for staff.

If you’d like to know more about this, read our Microsoft Teams as a phone system replacement article.

No additional hardware is acquired for your employees, as long as they have a device with a html5 web client, they will be able to connect to their own profile within your company’s Microsoft Teams account.

Find out more about our Microsoft Teams service here and book a demo today.

Maintain Security & Save Costs on Hardware

Integral to all businesses is making sure security threats are completely minimised.

However, having multiple systems connected to your work software, or even just having employees completing work from home on their own computer, can present a number of risks, whether it be viruses, malware or work becoming corrupted.

One piece of software that resolves this issue is Azure Windows Virtual Desktop.

Azure WVD allows all employees, as long as they have a desktop, laptop, mobile or any device with a html5 web application, to connect to The Cloud off-site to ensure that work and company materials are completely safe and backed-up, and that the risk of contamination is completely nullified.

Find out more about WVD and working from home in our specialist article [link here].

This also means that Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is fully supported and WVD offers complete scalability for each device, meaning no additional hardware for employees will need to be purchased for remote working to flourish within your company.

Windows Virtual Desktop allows everyone to connect to the same level of processing power. Additionally, specific processing power and applications via the WVD can be purchased on a permanent or flexible basis in order to suit your budget.

For example, if you need a certain capacity for projects intermittently, i.e. two to three days a year, it would benefit you to purchase this on a flexible level. Therefore, remote working need not be expensive at all, and can actually result in huge cost savings when compared to keeping an office building operational (not to mention rent and bill payments).

We can set up and manage Windows Azure Virtual Desktop. Find out more here.

A Productive Future – Made Easier

The joys of remote working are vast in number, and with so many businesses already working from home, finding out more about how to get remote work-ready could be of huge benefit to your business.

At Wizard IT, we’re proud to be experts in all aspects of remote working.

If you have any questions on how to work from home as a company, or would like to know more about our remote working set-up service to help enhance your business, please get in touch today and our friendly team will be happy to help.

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