Call Recording in Microsoft Teams

Call recording is used for a number of different reasons. Every business will have a specific need as to why they need to record and monitor incoming and outgoing calls.

Whether for training, quality improvement, or compliance reasons, the ability to capture communications has long been an important business tool. Increasingly, it’s part of a bigger story about improving the flow of information, establishing a better understanding of customer experience, and developing user-focused content and service strategies.

This holistic approach to data management has emerged alongside new technologies and deployment options. There’s still a place for on-premises solutions, but virtualisation and cloud services have revolutionised IT infrastructures with cost-effective, flexible, and highly scalable resources to support rapidly growing businesses and larger-scale operations.

Call Recording and Quality Measurement

Protect your business and improve customer experience

In a digital world where news travels fast, more businesses are concerned about reputation. Call recording helps to protect your business by supporting compliance and providing a record of who said what. Quality Management enables best practices to be identified and shared to speed up training and support continuous improvement.

Capture every detail

Our secure call recording captures inbound and outbound calls to provide an audit trail of interactions with customers and third parties. Custom flags, tags, and marks make it easy to sort and search recordings.

Resolve disputes

Easy access to tamperproof evidence of ‘who said what’ helps resolve misunderstandings with customers or suppliers quickly and amicably, pre-empting serious and costly dispute escalation.

Improve customer experience

Advanced quality measurement tools enable best practice to be identified and replicated through training, so staff are more confident in providing an exceptional customer experience.


Our call recording helps businesses meet GDPR, PCI-DSS and FCA MAR/MAD and MiFID II compliance with a range of options to fit with your chosen IT frameworks and applications.

Reduce errors

Fast access to search and playback lets you check calls to verify key details, such as detailed customer instructions or contract details.

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Call Recording Cloud Storage Solution

In a cloud-based solution, you are leveraging an existing and shared infrastructure with the promise of faster deployment, improved availability, and the flexibility to scale up and down as business needs change. Check out the key benefits of using a cloud-based solution for call recording.


Business Agility

Software is quick and easy to deploy, requires no additional hardware, and can be scaled up and down to meet fluctuating business requirements’ with ‘as required’.

Continuous availability

Cloud-based services are usually delivered from a secure data centre, supported by a redundant or resilient infrastructure to maximise availability.

Holistic approach

Hosted call recording can be integrated with other services and applications to deliver a highly differentiated customer experience.

Security and accessibility

Recordings are stored securely in the cloud and can be accessed via a single web portal wherever you are.

Cost management

Subscription licensing covers all recording, storage, and maintenance with no upfront costs. The choice of fixed or flexible licensing (or a combination of both) ensures sufficient resource availability at all times.

Security & PCI Compliance

Our Innovation call recording platforms can monitor agent screen activity, recognise when sensitive card data is being exchanged, and automatically pause and resume recording. This eliminates human error by negating the need for manual intervention. However, the risk of fraud remains whenever the agent takes an active role in card payment, even when working in a ‘clean room’.

The best approach is to exclude call centre agents from the exchange of card information by handing the call to an automated payment system. Sensitive card information is automatically excluded from call recording while payment is in progress. Our Innovation’s PaymentAssist is a cloud-based service that can be integrated into any contact centre environment to accept sensitive card information entered as DTMF tones and send them on to the merchant’s payment service provider (PSP).

AgentAssist works with the agent to support assisted payments, providing a view of progress during the payment process.

SelfAssist is a fully automated self-service system that answers the call, verifies the customer, accepts payment, and forwards transaction data to the PSP.

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