What is Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based collaboration software in Office 365. Its core capabilities allow businesses to make calls, host video meetings, file share, and many more.

As a business communications application, Microsoft Teams can make voice over IP calls between Teams clients.

With Microsoft’s Office 365 Phone System users can receive and transfer call to and from landlines and mobile devices.

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If you want to upgrade your business or offer new features, Teams Phone provides seamless integration that will maintain some of the traditional PBX features you are used to.

We also offer Team Rooms and Teams Call Recording. We can help organisations of any size, ensuring we deliver the ultimate in scalable, cost-effective solutions!

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Benefits of Microsoft Teams

Being a cloud-based solution at its core Microsoft Teams makes it effortless to stay connected with your business anywhere, anytime from any device.

Therefore, many businesses are turning to Teams for their telephony solutions. With the rise of COVID and as we enter a more digital age, Microsoft Teams is the perfect solution for any company to stay connected.

Microsoft Teams Features

Microsoft Teams is so much more than just an interface to take calls and has many other features included which make it effortless to keep you and your colleagues connected at all times, check out some of the features included in teams below.


Chat Window

Having a chat system integrated into your company minimises the reliance on emails which can soon take up server space depending on the size of your organisation.

As conversations are now held in a structural way in Microsoft Teams, you no longer have all the email-upon-email response, often sent as a Reply All.


Video Meetings

Microsoft Teams makes it incredibly easy to organise remote meetings either within or outside your company’s organisation. The application works perfectly in unison with Outlook which makes organising meetings effortless.

After your meeting, the recording of the call is immediately available in the same tab, so if you missed the meeting, you don’t need to hunt for the recording. It’s right there, with the meeting notes and agreed actions.


File Sharing

Need to share a file? Using the chat window, it is easy to share files with your colleagues and collaborate on projects together simply by dragging and dropping the file into the window.

Thanks to the integration with Office 365, you do not need to switch applications when you need to collaborate on a file. You can create the Excel, Word, or PowerPoint document in Teams, immediately share it with your colleagues, and then co-author in an instant.

No more sending out different versions through email and the resulting version confusion. You can add comments, and chat with your co-workers to discuss the file right there.


Screen Sharing

Clarify communication in a chat or meeting by sharing your screen so everyone can see the same content at the same time. Select exactly what you want others to see—whether it’s your desktop, a browser window, a specific app, or file. It’s simple with the screen sharing feature in Teams.

Whether training a new employee, brainstorming with the digital whiteboard, or presenting at a company-wide town hall, screen sharing improves communication and helps keep meetings focused.

Increase collaboration in meetings by letting anyone share their screen. When someone is finished presenting and stops sharing their screen, other participants can begin.


Microsoft Teams Demo

The best way to understand Microsoft Teams is to try it yourself. Click the button below for a walk-through of the product to greater understand its full potential and what it can bring to your business.

If you have any further questions or want to know how Wizard IT can help integrate Microsoft Teams into your organisation then please don’t hesitate to contact us using the form below.

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