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Why Microsoft Teams Rooms

Today’s business world cannot work without meetings. As teams and employees work from different places, the need for collaborative meeting spaces has become more urgent. So, how do businesses come together and work productively when the workforce is divided across various locations?

The answer is to invest in one of the best video conferencing solutions — Microsoft Teams Room.

As one of the UK’s leading audiovisual integrators, our Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTRs) solutions drive collaboration. Whether you need a system suitable for small, medium or large rooms, we ensure that users can join meetings, share content and collaborate with ease.

The Benefits of Teams Rooms


Increased Productivity

By making virtual collaboration effortless by using certified Microsoft Teams Rooms devices — saving significant time.

Reduced Costs

Save on travel and IT support costs with certified Teams Rooms devices and features.


Team Collaboration

Teams Rooms whiteboard make meetings feel more natural and spontaneous, which enables better collaboration.

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Transform you Teams Meeting Room


Easy-to-schedule meetings

Microsoft Teams is fully integrated with Outlook, enabling quick meeting creation in a couple of clicks. Simply choose the meeting room and invite your attendees.

Managed Meeting Rooms in Microsoft Teams

IT management and monitoring service delivers a fully optimised environment that keeps Microsoft Teams Rooms’ devices and peripherals up to date and proactively monitored.

One-touch meeting and call controls

The meeting room control panel is easily recognisable to computer and mobile clients. So simple to use, touch the ‘Join Meeting’ button and your meeting has started.

Intelligent meeting room experience

With one click on the meeting control panel, you can add the room to the meeting and implement full meeting room system functionality such as HD audio and video. To avoid feedback and sound echo when others join the meeting remotely, Microsoft Teams will recommend that the audio connection mode is ‘mute’.

Intelligent Content Capture

Microsoft Teams supports intelligent whiteboards and uses ‘content cameras’ to present information to all remote attendees as it is being laid down in real time. With a couple of clicks, whiteboard content can also be saved and stored in the meeting channel for future use.
teams app

Room Detection

With the Microsoft Teams app, you can check for available meeting rooms while away from the office. With your mobile device, you can view availability, add a room to your meeting and invite attendees, all from your calendar in seconds.

Microsoft Teams Certified Hardware:

Our partners have worked closely with Microsoft to ensure the hardware we provide integrates seamlessly into your meeting spaces. Below, you can see just a small selection of the equipment manufacturers we work with when implementing Teams room solutions.

If you have a particular hardware manufacturer in mind for your Teams meeting room, please contact our technical experts.



What is Microsoft Teams Rooms?

Microsoft Teams Rooms are purpose-built calling and meeting room solutions that deliver a native Microsoft Teams experience with HD audio and video, on Teams-certified hardware from Microsoft and Microsoft partners.

How do Teams Room standard and premium licenses relate to Microsoft Teams Rooms?

Microsoft Teams Rooms Standard and Premium enable all the licences needed for Microsoft Teams Rooms while providing customers with two options to manage their devices.

Which devices are certified for Microsoft Teams?

Please see a list of certified devices here.

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