Why Migrate to Zoom Phone

For many years, on-premise PBXs served businesses well, however, the way we communicate and conduct business has changed. To stay competitive in today’s economy, companies need to be nimble since the workforce is mobile and dispersed, and they demand simple, reliable technologies. By optimising business processes, IT can free up resources to support growth or other initiatives.

Flexible PSTN (public switched telephone network) connectivity options provide maximum service flexibility for businesses planning to migrate to Zoom Phone.

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cloud-phone system

Modern Cloud Phone System

In addition to traditional PBX features, Zoom Phone lets your employees communicate in new and innovative ways.

Centralised Management

Centralised administration allows you to manage user accounts and monitor business interactions with ease.

Secure and Reliable

Zoom provides secure HD audio delivered via a cloud platform with enterprise quality and reliability.

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How does Zoom Phone help your business?


A Single Unified Communication Platform

Zoom Phone puts the entire network of business communication into a single platform. Within Zoom’s intuitive applications, your business can manage business calls, video conferencing, internal communications, and more.

Improved Efficiency

Zoom Phone is a unified communications cloud enterprise phone system that can be used from almost any device. Each user has a “follow me” phone number which means they can be contacted where ever they happen to be improving your team’s efficiency.

Intelligent Call Routing and Management

With automated attendants, call delegation, and intelligent call routing, admin can be done more efficiently than ever. Voicemails are transcribed and call history is detailed, helping your team stay on top of their communications.

Reduced Costs

An affordable alternative to legacy PBX & hybrid cloud systems, Zoom Phone provides enterprise software that seamlessly integrates with your current Zoom platform and in many cases doesn’t require additional hardware.

Flexible and Agile Communication

It’s always easy to stay in touch and respond to your team, whether they’re at their desk or on the go. As a result, they will be able to control when, where, and how they receive and make phone calls.

Integrated Address Book

Directory integration makes reaching out to coworkers as simple as searching for their names. Your team can customise the display of the caller ID when making outgoing calls with a customisable caller ID.
Zoom Phone

Telephony Features of Zoom Phone

The cloud enterprise phone system is becoming increasingly popular among companies around the world due to its simplicity, flexibility, and cost-saving benefits. With Zoom Phone, Zoom continues to deliver seamless, frictionless, reliable, and user-friendly communication solutions.

There are a number of Zoom Phone features that help you streamline your communication infrastructure, see how Wizard IT can help you.


Call Queues

If you have a busy operation then call queues are a must-have for your business. Zoom Phone System has powerful queueing capabilities with the ability to set up queues for initial calls, department-based or even user-based. These calls can then be automatically routed to the relevant people.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Auto receptionists answer calls with a personalised recording and route calls to a user or call queue. You can set up an auto-receptionist to route to an IVR system that allows the caller to use the dial pad to select forwarding options.

Recording / Auditing

Zoom Phone System provides on-demand and full-time recording, transcriptions and playback which allows you to easily archive and retrieve phone conversations.

Integrations with Leading Software Solutions

Zoom Phone has integrations with many of the leading business software solutions available on the market today, including Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and more. This seamless integration creates frictionless workflows and improves employee productivity.

Transform a Call into a Meeting

Zoom Phone is included in the Zoom application; there is no need to install a separate app. Zoom Phone users can easily turn their phone calls into high-definition Zoom video meetings and instantly communicate face-to-face without ending the call and starting a new meeting.

Real-time Performance Monitoring

If a PBX phone system experiences an issue, system administrators will have to invest considerable time and resources into identifying the issue and getting it fixed. The Zoom Phone dashboard can monitor, troubleshoot, and diagnose any call quality or network issues, allowing administrators to identify and resolve any problems more quickly.

Our Migration and Implementation Process

Wizard IT will help its customers seamlessly migrate from their existing phone systems to Zoom Phone.

Whether your existing phone system is PBX, SIP-based, or a hosted cloud solution — migrating to Zoom Phone is simple.


Porting Numbers

When moving your phone system to Zoom it’s important that your business numbers stay the same. Wizard IT can manage all your existing numbers and port them to the relevant people within your organisation, as well as setting up new numbers if needed.

*Numbers can only be ported if out-of-contract with your current provider


Configure Hardware and Groups

Wizard IT will ensure all the relevant hardware and software is set up correctly. Each user will have their own Zoom Phone license which will provide them with an extension number.  We will set up all of the necessary features that you require including an auto-receptionist that routes to an IVR, Call queues, and Call delegation and shared line groups.

Go Live

Once you have seamlessly migrated over to a Zoom Phone system, we will provide support should you have any queries. The Go-Live process can also take place if you have not yet ported your numbers. You can contact your current provider and ask them to redirect your calls from your current number to Zoom Phone.

Zoom Phone Certified Hardware:

Wizard IT will help its customers seamlessly migrate from their existing phone systems to Zoom Phone. Our partners have worked closely with Microsoft to ensure the hardware we provide integrates seamlessly.

Below, you can see just a small selection of the equipment manufacturers we work with when implementing Zoom Phone solutions.

If you have a particular hardware manufacturer in mind that isn’t listed below, please contact our technical experts.


Use Zoom Phone with your Existing Hardware

Zoom Phone in a lot of cases doesn’t require you to purchase additional hardware, in fact, Zoom Phone can be used with a standard headset which is a fractional cost when compared to your existing phone hardware.

Wizard IT can help configure Zoom Phone to work seamlessly with your current phone hardware, a full list of compatible makes and models can be found here.

If you’re looking to upgrade your phone hardware, Wizard IT can assist you with procurement.


Mobile / Tablet

Simply download the Zoom Phone app to your phone and receive calls wherever you located with the same clarity as any traditional phone line.

Desk Phone

Zoom can be configured to be used with physical phone hardware to make and receive calls and check voicemail. Enquire to see what features are supported.


Headsets can be plugged directly into a mobile device, laptop, desktop making Zoom Phone one of the simplest solutions for telephony.

Laptop / Desktop

For Zoom Phone to work you only need a mic, speakers and camera to get started which makes it the perfect solution for conference calls. Zoom Phone is also supported by Mac and Windows.

Zoom Phone FAQs

Can I use my existing number with Zoom Phone?

Zoom Phone allows customers to port their existing numbers to Zoom. Optionally, customers may also choose to have a new phone number too.

Does Zoom Phone support conference calling?

Yes, Zoom Phone supports three-way conference calls. You can easily add or merge the third party to any existing phone call on demand. For larger audio conferencing requirements, we recommend Zoom Rooms. Get in touch with us if you would like to know more about Zoom Rooms.

Can I use my current desk phone for Zoom Phone?

Zoom Phone supports a number of traditional Polycom and Yealink telephone devices. Please view the list of supported devices here.

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