What is Zoom

Zoom is a cloud-based app that provides scalable video and web conferencing for companies of any size.

You can use it for online meetings, webinars, or when you need to share files. It also allows for instant messaging and group messaging when you need quick conversations with teams in different places.

Zoom meetings are easily accessible from any location. They don’t require an account to attend, so anyone can use their platform irrespective of which device they’re using. Zoom is compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android devices.

How We Can Help

If you want to upgrade your business or offer new features, Zoom Phone provides seamless integration that will maintain some of the traditional PBX features you are used to.

One of the features we also offer is Zoom Rooms. We can help organisations of any size, ensuring we deliver the ultimate in scalable, cost-effective, single-tool conference solutions!

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Benefits of Zoom

Zoom is one of the leading cloud-based solutions for screen sharing, online meetings, webinars, and video conferencing. Zoom is based on a simple idea: to make it easier for people to connect anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Zoom provides web conferencing services that are both scalable and effortless – all you need is an internet connection to participate in an online meeting with colleagues or clients.

Zoom Features

Zoom is more than just a call interface and has many useful features such as the ability to share screens with your colleagues, make calls in full HD quality and also chat at the same time.

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Video Meetings

Zoom Meetings syncs with your calendar system and delivers streamlined enterprise-grade video conferencing from desktop and mobile devices.

With robust security settings, you can conduct your meeting without any disturbances. You can start, join, and collaborate on projects across any device with instant meeting access.


File Sharing

Need to share a document fast? Instead of sending it back and forth, just drag it into the chat window to instantly chat with your team.

No more sending out different versions through email and the resulting version confusion. You can add comments, and chat with your co-workers to discuss the file right there.


Chat Window

Chat systems are a more effective way of communicating with your co-workers keeping you productive, even when on the move. They free up email inboxes, save time, and allow people to work more efficiently.

The chat feature also enables participants to chat with other attendees while in a meeting or webinar. As the host, you can control who they are able to talk with. You can disable the chat option for everyone or just disable private messaging to prevent participants from exchanging private messages.


Screen Sharing

Share your screen to help clarify communication. This ensures that both parties are on the same page and know the same information. Select exactly what you want others to see—whether it’s your desktop, a browser window, a specific app, or a file.

Zoom’s screen sharing feature makes it easy to collaborate with remote teams.

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