5 Microsoft programs you’ve (probably) never heard of in 2022

Microsoft have created a lot of programs, and they are continuing to update and iterate on their existing ones constantly. If your organisation uses Microsoft programs for any reason, there’s a good chance that you have used quite a lot of these programs. You might also have an idea of the amount you haven’t used.

Underneath the exterior of Windows, Office, Defender, and other flagship software, Microsoft has created a veritable treasure trove of programs that are powerful and often free. In this article, we are going to explore a few of these programs and how they benefit you.


If you use Office 365, you might have seen this program before. Planner is a planning application tool that comes with any Office 365 subscription. Similar to other planning tools like Trello, it’s a teamwork focused application that allows teams to organise tasks, assign ownership, set deadlines, create boards for different projects, and so much more.

At Wizard Cyber, we regularly use Planner to organise tasks that don’t require in-depth, granular project management. It’s ideal for recurring daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, has great integration into other Microsoft Office programs and Teams and would be a perfect tool for smaller teams looking to get organised.

To Do

To Do has undergone a complete redesign over the past two years. After being acquired by Microsoft, Wunderlist set about improving To Do in many ways, leading to it becoming an excellent personal task management application.

Some of the best features of To Do include:

  • The ability to sync your task list across all devices
  • Separate lists for personal and work tasks
  • Tasks can be broken down into any number of subtasks
  • Ability to share lists with other people, making collaboration easy
  • Automate the creation of weekly or daily task lists for recurring tasks
  • Integrates with Outlook Tasks


If you like getting your daily dose of news in the morning, then Microsoft News would be a great addition to your programs. As a news aggregator, the application features the latest headlines and articles that are chosen by Microsoft editors. Despite this, it is fully customisable, so you can filter out sources that you don’t need to hear from or topics that might be uninteresting to you.

You can even set up alerts that notify you when breaking news happens, and the application has a variety of usability settings for blind, deaf, and colour-blind users. It’s one of the easiest ways to stay up to date on the news you care about.


Project is a project management software tool that is designed for project managers. The tool allows you to create and develop schedules, assign individuals and resources to tasks, track the progress of tasks, manage budgets, and analyse the workload of your team.

Whilst it is at it is best when managing a project for an entire team, it is also great for personal workload management. We would advise utilising it for larger projects, but it can be as granular and detailed as you require. Even better yet, it fully integrates with a wide variety of other Microsoft programs, including Planner.


If you are looking for a simpler way to manage appointments or meetings in 2022, then Bookings would be a great application for you. Whether it is for your customers, clients, or other employees, Bookings makes it easier to manage your schedule.

As a business, Bookings can be used in conjunction with Office, especially Outlook, as well as your website to automate the scheduling of appointments. You can also use it internally by sending an email to meeting attendees and allowing them to schedule a meeting with you.

It’s a great way to cut down on the act of scheduling and save yourself valuable time over the course of your day.

We hope you find this list helpful and that it has inspired you to try a new way of working in 2022. All these programs work best with Office 365 due to the rich integrations they provide. If you are looking for help in setting up and managing your Office 365, get in touch with us. Our IT support experts will be happy to walk you through the process and discuss your requirements.

If you would like to chat about your Businesses needs, get in touch with our IT experts.

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