Elgato Stream Deck for Businesses


When we think of the Elgato Stream Deck we often think of live streamers and video content creators alike as this is how Stream Deck has always been marketed to us. The stream deck is not limited just to Twitch and OBS, it has proven itself to work flawlessly with other applications giving it huge potential for the workplace. Personally, I couldn’t be as productive as I am at work without it.

Out of the box, the stream deck has the basic commands that you would expect from any macro controller. For example, you can run a macro to open multiple web browsers and applications you use daily. It can handle that with ease but, in reality, this is only going to shave one minute off your workday.

The Stream Deck is much more than this, allowing you to create custom plugins in Visual Studio, run command lines, send API requests, and much more.

In this blog, we’re going to look deeper into what the Elgato stream deck can offer you for the workplace. We’ll also discuss how it can help boost productivity and automate those everyday mundane tasks, from the most basic use cases to the more advanced.


Every business relies on emails. Although the stream deck can’t create perfectly-constructed emails from scratch, it can store text and paste it into an email at the click of a button.

If you’re like me and have enquiries, requests, and other emails where you rely on templated replies, then the stream deck is the perfect solution. Rather than having 20 notepads open and having to navigate through them to find the reply you’re looking for, the stream deck allows you to see on the controller which text file you want to select. This makes email management much easier.


Excel holds a lot of capabilities in terms of utilising its VBA component and powerful formulas but navigating the ribbon can be difficult unless you know exactly where all options are located. I often find myself, having used Excel for over 10 years now, forgetting where the delete duplicates button is located.

Knowing the shortcut keys for Excel, as well as the entire Microsoft stack, is vital in boosting your productivity. Elgato makes storing and recalling these shortcut keys easy.

It achieves this by allowing you to program some of your go-to functions with a single click on the controller. I find this useful when formatting tables. Being able to stack my keyboard shortcuts and call each one in a specific order in one click allows me to automate a task that I find myself doing 10-20 times a day.

You’re probably thinking that VBA could handle this task and you could assign your command to a custom shortcut key, and you would be right. If you’re not a programmer, though, learning VBA can be a daunting task, and sometimes the easiest solution is the simplest.

Premier Pro

The stream deck and Premiere Pro work hand-in-hand flawlessly. Navigating tools such as splice, cut, copy, and paste is a breeze but easily done without a stream deck. Where the stream deck comes into play is assigning multi-actions.


Microsoft Teams / Zoom Meetings

It’s no surprise that the stream deck is perfect for video meetings. It allows you to answer calls and mute yourself but is capable of going far beyond these basic functions. 

I have found that having full control over presentations without needing to switch between windows is very useful when conducting meetings. The stream deck makes it easy to navigate slides in presentation tools such as PowerPoint as well as switch the windows you’re displaying when conducting a meeting. 


Thanks to the community behind stream deck, there are many 3rd party plugins available to control IoT devices in your office or homes such as lighting, thermostats, and plug sockets. This allows me to reduce the time that I have to leave my desk. 

IoT goes much further than turning a lot on or off, though. Within a business environment, it’s great for unlocking doors to your office, receiving real-time information from your devices, or executing commands to your IoT devices.


Amongst the most useful time-saver for me is having my most used folder locations one click away. As a business that uses SharePoint and works across various departments, navigating folders can be difficult. If you buy a 6, 15, or 32-button Stream Deck, you aren’t just limited to that number of actions. Thanks to folders and profiles, you can expand beyond the first page of buttons. 

Not every business is the same, which is why a custom solution is sometimes the best option. The stream deck has a fantastic community of developers who offer plugins beyond the scope of your standard macros. These include webhooks, midi controls, command lines, and much more. 


The key thing to remember is that if you find yourself or your employees repeating tasks daily then you should try to find ways to streamline or automate them. I save on average 30 minutes a day by automating some of my tasks. In the grand scheme of things, that’s a saving of around 13 working days per year. 

The stream deck itself is an extension of your business’ hardware and boosts productivity in the same way that a second or third monitor for employees will. Businesses should always be looking for ways to boost productivity, and this is a good starting point to consider.

To learn more about what services we have to offer, get in touch with one of our IT experts.

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