How can you save money by moving to Azure?

Almost all businesses rely on cloud computing in some way. The nature of cloud computing is that you can use it for almost any purpose, whether it be storing and backing up data, generating valuable business analytics, or utilising advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to automate processes.

Cloud platforms are available in all shapes and sizes, but they aren’t interchangeable. We focus our efforts on Azure, a cloud platform built by Microsoft with over 200 different modules and services that can help your business save money and solve challenges.

In this article, we’re going to dive into a few ways that your business can save money by migrating to Azure from your current cloud computing provider. These insights will also be just as interesting for your business if you don’t currently use a cloud platform, though.

As there are so many different use cases of a cloud platform like Azure, we’ll be keeping these points general. If you want to find out some more industry-specific ways that Azure can save your business time and money, feel free to get in touch with us.

1. Provides flexible, cost-effective cloud storage and back-ups

One of Azure’s flagship features is its cloud storage and automatic back-ups. As well as being the most secure cloud storage medium on the market, especially when combined with a properly set-up Azure Sentinel environment, Azure also provides automatic backup snapshots of your data to aid in disaster recovery circumstances.

In regards to saving money, Azure only ever charges for what your business uses. This flexibility prevents you from wasting money on a license or package that doesn’t fit your needs and allows you to scale easily in the future if your requirements change.

Cloud storage also fundamentally reduces your reliance on physical hardware and infrastructure, reducing your ongoing operating costs over time.

2. Cheap, quick, and safe to migrate from old solutions

For many businesses, migrating to a new cloud platform can be daunting. Historically, these migrations could take days or even weeks, data could be lost, and employees could experience downtime.

With Azure, migration is a cheap, quick, and safe process. Even when migrating from very old cloud solutions, Azure upholds data fidelity and carries over any specific preferences or processes that you have set up.

By utilising the experience of our Azure experts, Wizard IT can manage this process for you, ensuring that you don’t suffer any downtime and that all your requirements and needs are met.

Due to the speed and safety of migrations to Azure, you’ll pay less for the migration and avoid potential disaster costs.

3. Save time and improve efficiency by automating business processes

If your business already uses a cloud platform, you’ll know that managing your cloud system can be time-consuming and require multiple employees to complete a variety of cloud management tasks.

Instead of doing this yourself, Azure can be configured to automate these processes. This frees up your employees to complete more important tasks, eliminates any errors, and lowers your operational costs.

It’s recommended that you utilise the skills of an Azure expert, like Wizard IT, to set this up for you. It’s a quick process and ensures that you don’t run into any problems down the line.

4. Make working remotely secure and easy

Working remotely has become a fact of everyday life for almost all businesses. Setting up a remote working system that is effective and usable for every employee is difficult, but Azure can help.

With its cloud-based desktop and app virtualisation, your employees can work from anywhere on almost any device. It’s easy to deploy and scales with your organisation in the same way that any other Azure service does.

By moving your remote working solution to Azure, your business will improve employee productivity and efficiency, save money on upscaling costs as you grow, avoid potential security breaches, and foster collaboration.

These are just four simple ways that Azure can save your business money. With over 200 different modules and services, there are countless ways that Azure can lower your costs, improve employee efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction, as well as much, much more.

To find out more about how Azure can help your business reduce costs, get in touch with us today. Our Azure experts will be happy to talk you through the platform as well as answer any questions you might have.

If you would like to chat about your Businesses needs, get in touch with our IT experts.

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