How Can Your Business Benefit From 5G?


5 ways your business could benefit from 5G

With technology evolving more and more every day, it’s important that your business keeps up to date with the ever-changing times. With 5G or the ‘fifth generation’ of mobile internet connectivity being rolled out across the UK throughout 2019 many companies are wondering how they can benefit from the new technology.

1. Faster connectivity means better customer service engagement

Keeping an engaged relationship with customers is a high priority within most companies; with 5G hitting the UK customers will be able to get in touch, browse the web, check order details and make appointments quicker than ever before.
This means it’s more important than ever for businesses to have mobile-friendly websites and social media channels up to date.

2. No more video call buffering.

With clients and staff constantly on the go, 5G will provide opportunities for video calls and high importance conference calls anywhere in the world – without the annoyance of buffering visuals and unclear audio. 

3. Work remotely from anywhere!

Attending a meeting out of town? Or broken down on the side of the road? With 5G you could potentially achieve speeds of up to 1 Gbps (gigabits per second) from any location! Giving staff flexibly to work from home, on the road or anywhere else.

4. Make your office a smart space!

With 5G creating opportunities to connect from anywhere, you can now get the office nice and warm for that early morning meeting with smart heating and lighting systems connected straight to your mobile device. Alongside this, you can keep your office safe with streamed mobile CCTV monitoring. 5G will also make cloud computing easier than ever giving businesses the opportunity to process, store, manage, and access information on different platforms via the internet from anywhere.

5. A good back up internet when your physical infrastructure fails

If for some reason your traditional internet infrastructure fails, 5G can act as a great back up. 5G promises faster speeds, wider coverage, better capacity and more reliable connections on smartphones and other devices. So, if your office has a power cut or the broadband goes down, with 5G you have no excuse not to get back to work! With the launch of 5G already starting to be rolled out across the UK, it’s now the perfect time to start planning a strategy to get your business up to date with the ‘fifth generation’ of mobile internet connectivity. It’s may still be early days for 5G but when planning for any future IT investments, it should be something you consider.

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