Top Tips on how to clean your PC

As Spring starts rolling around, it’s the perfect time to either start or finish that spring cleaning you’ve been putting off, that includes your PC.

To keep your PC dust-free, you can configure fans any way you want and place as many dust filters as necessary. However, in the end, the inside of your case is going to start accumulating a lot of dust and dirt.

Unfortunately, it’s unavoidable so if you want to keep your computer’s temperatures manageable, you need to clean it every now and then. Here are our methods for safely and thoroughly cleaning out your PC.

Cleaning the Fan

When it comes to giving your machine a good clean, fans are one of the most important parts. These glossy air pumps do a great job of cooling even the most hardcore of gaming rigs, but they will dust if left unchecked. The solution is to blow air at them until they regain their original perfect sheen.

To do this, turn your PC off, unplug it, take it outside, or somewhere with plenty of ventilation and remove the side panels and (if possible) the front panel of your case. Using a can of compressed air and a lint-free cloth, clean the dust from any dust filters, as well as any obvious collections in the base of the case.

An anti-static wrist strap will make sure you keep earthed while doing this to make sure you don’t damage anything.

System Stripdown

If you haven’t cleaned your system for a while, then the only way to get all the dust out of those tight spots is to take it apart and put it back together. This is like building your computer in reverse.

To clean your computer of dust, you’ll need a toolkit. You can use this to forcibly free your graphics card from any dust, as well as the fans and the motherboard. The cooler should be able to just slide out from the top of the CPU, but if it seems stuck, a little isopropyl alcohol will clean off the old gunk that’s stuck between your cooler and the top of your CPU. On top of that, you’ll need some new thermal paste if you’re going this far.

If your machine has any filters, it is easy to clean. You can pull them out or peel them off if they are magnetic and wipe them with your microfibre cloth. Failing that, some paper towels will work too.

How often should I clean my pc?

To keep your system healthy, we recommend you dust every 3 to 6 months. This is especially important if you have pets or live in an especially dusty environment. For deep cleanings, every six months to a year is recommended if you want to maintain peak performance, or every couple of years at the very least to avoid any potential overheating issues.

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