Microsoft Edge will soon have a free, built-in VPN

A VPN is a way to make your internet experience safer, but it can come with additional costs and downloads. Microsoft just announced that they will be launching one directly in their Chromium-based Edge browser.

The new free built-in VPN that it provides will allow Microsoft to overcome other popular browsers like Google and Safari. The “Microsoft Edge Secure Network” VPN is currently only available to those who are in the Edge Browser Preview Channel and they have a limited 1 GB of data use per month.

After becoming a Chromium-based browser in 2019, Microsoft Edge has become a very capable web browser. It has even recently overtaken Safari as the second most popular desktop browser. But Microsoft’s decision to make it difficult for users to switch to alternatives in Windows 11 may have contributed.

On a recently discovered support page, Microsoft details a key feature it hopes will give the browser an edge over Google Chrome. The “Microsoft Edge Secure Network” is essentially a built-in VPN powered by Cloudflare.

To provide you with a higher level of privacy protection and to assure the safety of your information, “Microsoft Edge Secure Network” encrypts your internet connection when you use this browser.

Microsoft claims that enabling the feature will help prevent online tracking by encrypting your web traffic while also keeping your location private by masking your IP address.

In order to use the feature, you must sign in with your Microsoft account. This is because you get 1GB of free data per month which is tracked by your account. Microsoft does not mention if there will be any future options for paying for more data.

Cloudflare states that it will not store or sell any user information, and it will delete all browsing data within 25 hours. Although Secure Network is not yet available, it is likely to appear soon in Edge Canary or Dev.

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