Microsoft Tease Launch of Latest Version of Windows in 2024

Earlier this year, so they could focus on system stability with monthly security patches and bug fixes. It was then reported that the company is moving to a new Windows development cycle that encompasses pushing out feature updates up to four times a year, with a new major version of Windows every three years.

Windows was an operating system supposed to only be serviced with feature updates that would be released at a regular cadence, therefore replacing the stand-alone versions of Windows completely. The whole strategy changed when Microsoft announced Windows 11, signalling a move away from this approach and returning to rolling out stand-alone versions of Windows once again.

A further departure from their previous plan was the feature update schedule for Windows 11. To the surprise of many, Microsoft said they would be releasing feature updates on an annual basis, rather than quarterly.

Microsoft will be tweaking the Windows development cycle further by boosting the frequency of future feature updates and is shifting back to the earlier days when the company used to release ‘major’ Windows versions every three years and is doing so with this upcoming release. With Microsoft preparing to return to its major OS releases, the company could potentially end up announcing Windows 12 by 2024.

In response to this announcement, Microsoft has also introduced a new software system feature, which they call ‘Moments’. This feature allows engineers to implement new features amongst window users’ devices without installing the update files from the Windows server.

Microsoft has also freshened up the look and feel of Windows 11 by adding new, additional functionality.

For some, the new changes may be a bit unsettling, as the operating system they’ve become accustomed to will suddenly change. But on the other hand, those who are ready to accept new features and play with them will surely be thrilled. Unexpected updates could sometimes make businesses worry about the prospect of new bugs and additional training, so it’s likely that Windows 11’s enterprise customers will have the option to opt out.

Excited as we all may be, details around Microsoft’s next major OS version are still very limited. They haven’t officially commented on Windows roadmaps as of the moment. It’s called ‘Next Valley’ inside the company and is currently in its early planning stage.

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