Moving your business to cloud storage without lifting a finger

In 2022, almost all businesses should be utilising the cloud in some aspect for their storage needs. Compared to on-premises solutions, it’s cheaper, requires less expertise, has no risk of hardware failure, and is easily scalable as your business grows and changes.

Making the shift over to cloud storage can be daunting, though, especially for businesses with a lack of pre-existing IT infrastructure. Even so, the process is simple.

In this blog, we’re going to talk through how your business can make the move over to cloud storage easily and quickly, with very little effort.

Getting started

A lot of organisations, even SMEs, are already using cloud solutions without even knowing it. If your business uses Microsoft 365 for your operating system and daily work process purposes, you are one of these businesses. You could also be using alternatives such as G Suite.

One of the most common reasons to avoid making the move to cloud storage is due to legacy on-premises solutions. Relying on hard drives connected to a local network or a small on-site data centre can make the move feel more difficult than it actually will be.

Utilising an MSP, like Wizard IT, can take all the stress out of it. We assess your current solutions and work with you to map the best, most cost-effective way of moving to cloud storage.

We design and develop this process around the needs and requirements of your business. This ensures that your time frame, budget, and individual circumstances are considered.

What are your requirements?

One of the first things we will ask you is: what do you need to be hosted on the cloud and why? Here are some common questions to ask yourself that might help you reach some answers:

  • Do you rely on remote working and want to make the experience more seamless and secure for your employees?
  • Are you concerned that important documents might be lost if your on-premises solution fails?
  • Do you want the cloud to act as your new data centre?
  • Would your HR and payroll systems be improved by being cloud-based?
  • Does your business rely on keeping comprehensive paper trails for auditing purposes?

Questions like these will help you identify what your business’ needs are. As far as you’re concerned, this is the most difficult part of the process and one that Wizard IT can help you with if you’re struggling.

Once you’ve identified and defined what your requirements are for your migration to cloud storage, you can let us know and we will take it from there!

What is required from my business once the process starts?

Once the plan of action has been agreed upon, you don’t need to do anything. Wizard IT will handle the rest for you, agreeing on a date and time to migrate your business over to cloud storage.

In almost all cases, you won’t notice any interruption to your business. Most migrations, especially for smaller businesses, are quick and seamless.

If the migration is more complex, the process may take a little longer but you will be fully aware of this during the planning stage.

If your business is looking to move over to cloud storage, there’s never been a better time to do it! In this article, we’ve focused on the MSP approach to migration, but this is a process you might prefer to do yourself. The most important thing we would tell you is that if you don’t have the expertise, it’s always better to err on the side of caution and consult a professional.

At Wizard IT, we help dozens of businesses move over to cloud storage every year. If your organisation is looking to make this shift, get in touch with us. As well as managing the entire process, we can also provide consultations to help you do it yourself. Our IT experts are on-hand to talk you through cloud migration and answer any questions you might have.

If you would like to chat about your Businesses needs, get in touch with our IT experts.

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