When you should get IT support for your small business

As a small business, it’s common to manage your own IT. Resolving problems, conducting maintenance, procuring new devices and software, and more can seem achievable when you have a small team and premises to manage.

As you grow, this becomes more and more time-consuming. Managing every aspect of your IT while you’re trying to run a company is difficult and passing that responsibility onto an employee puts unnecessary pressure on them. It can be tempting to hire an IT professional, but this is an expensive solution to the problem.

There comes a time when a business grows enough that they need to seek help with their IT requirements. At this stage, the best and most cost-effective solution is almost always to seek support from an external supplier.

In this article, we’re going to discuss when you might want to seek this support. We’ll also talk about why IT support is so helpful for all businesses, regardless of their size.

Your organisation reaches a certain size

Once you reach a certain size as an organisation, it becomes difficult to manage your own IT requirements. As employee numbers grow so does the number of devices, pieces of software, licenses, and technical problems.

Without recognised IT support, employees can be left unsupported, downtime can rise, and efficiency can drop. Hardware and software can also become outdated if not properly supported, leading to employees not being able to work efficiently and cyber security weaknesses arising.

It’s possible to hire an IT professional to handle this for you, but for a small business, paying on average around £50,000 for a skilled IT manager isn’t feasible. It’s much more cost-effective to speak to a company like Wizard IT.

You don’t have the required expertise

Small businesses often begin to struggle with managing their own IT when their requirements surpass their knowledge. If your business relies on certain hardware or software, you need to make sure that you are procuring the right technology at the right time.

If this expertise is missing, your business may waste a lot of time and resources on devices and software that it doesn’t need.

Once again, hiring an IT professional for this purpose can work, but it is far more cost-effective to utilise an external supplier. In this way, you gain access to an entire team of IT experts at a fraction of the cost of hiring one yourself.

You don’t have the time or resources

Small business owners will frequently start by managing their IT themselves. When a business is very small, this does make sense as the time investment required is quite low.

As your business grows, though, owners simply don’t have the time to dedicate to their IT. At this point, they may delegate the responsibility to someone else within the organisation.

Unfortunately, without dedicated internal IT expertise, the responsibility of managing your business’ IT can fall down the priority list and become an afterthought. This leads to poor decisions being made.

This situation is understandable, though, as most small business employees don’t have the knowledge or expertise to effectively manage IT infrastructure.

Ultimately, even the smallest businesses benefit greatly from the expertise that an IT support company can provide. At Wizard IT, our IT support services are affordable and scalable to your requirements, meaning you only pay for what you need.

If you’re interested in finding out how IT support can help your business reduce costs, get in touch with us today. Our IT experts will be happy to walk you through what we can offer and answer any questions you might have.

If you would like to chat about your Businesses needs, get in touch with our IT experts.

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