VCIO Service

The Wizard Virtual CIO (Chief Infomation Officer) service has been designed to provide a dedicated outsourced board-level resource who can virtually sit inside your company and manage the IT strategy, budget, review of IT operations and regulatory programmes. We have extensive experience of information technology, business systems and business strategy to facilitate the IT needs of your organisation. A Wizard VCIO can work alone or alongside an existing CIO figurehead.

Our Experience

Our team have a great range of expertise and knowledge within the IT sector. With consultancy experience across a wide range of industries, technologies, networking & Cybersecurity. Wizard has acted as VCIO for many private equity investment companies and consulted for a range of respected organisations such as Sun Alliance, Woolwich, NHS, Barclays, Shell, BDO and may other established companies.

We also have expert knowledge in Database technologies, Networking, Cloud technologies and Cybersecurity.

With the expertise of our Virtual CIO, we can ensure that your IT forms a solid platform to minimise risks, maximise efficiency and plan to achieve your business goals.

Highly qualified CIO’s

Our team has over 25 years of experience working in IT and Cyber Security

UK Based

Our team are based in London and Essex but can work remotely across the world.

Keeping ahead of the latest Tech

Keeping your business ahead of technology curves ensuring you are always aware of the latest advancements

Budget & cost control

Ensure any future spend is based on a measured return on investment.

Data management

Ensure the protection of your data with the correct policies and procedures in place.

Project management

Take the lead and overall responsibility for the implementation of IT projects to mitigate risk and ensure success.

Communication skills

Ensure you have someone that can interpret technical jargon into commercially meaningful language.

Decision making

Help you make informed decisions to shape the future growth of your business.

Key Benefits

1. Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of IT maintenance and service to the organisation and its stakeholders

2. Immediate access to commercial and technical IT management expertise

3. Develop and manage an effective IT strategy

4. Deliver management reports and communicate to board-level stakeholders

5. Manage the tactical activities of the existing IT team

6. Access to Pool of Resources, MSP, MSSP contacts

7. Significant reduction in the cost of employing and training your own CIO

8. Due Diligence evidence to backup decision-making processes

9. Short term contract

10. Stay ahead of growing technologies


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Our scheduled IT maintenance days cover the IT support issues you have recently encountered

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A member of our technical UK based IT support team will be assigned to you as your personal account manager

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Realtime IT monitoring tools along side our own in house developed sensors to monitor your network



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