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Microsoft Windows — Version 1.0 to Windows 11

Today, 90% of personal computers and 70% of network computers worldwide use Microsoft’s Windows versions. No other software has ever achieved such widespread acceptance and adoption. Microsoft released Windows 1.0, the first graphical user interface (GUI) operating system, on November 20, 1985. At that time, Interface Manager was the name of the project. It was…

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The End of Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer will be discontinued, is your business ready? Microsoft has officially announced that the end-of-life date for Internet Explorer 11 will be June 15, 2022. Plans are in place to transition everyone to Microsoft’s newer Chromium-based browser, Edge which has legacy support (“IE Mode”) for Internet Explorer-based websites built-in. One of the most important…

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Case StudyMicrosoft glasstap-casestudy

Glasstap – Microsoft Teams

Glasstap Case Study – Microsoft Teams Website:   Industry: Professional Training & Coaching Company Overview Established in 2000, Glasstap is a leading provider of experiential training and training materials. The company has been developed around core passions: To be Innovative, Customer Oriented and Socially Responsible. Wizard IT have helped Glasstap in the past with server…

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MicrosoftTech News brexit-microsoft-price-increase

Microsoft Price Increase – Enterprise Software & Cloud

Important changes for customers buying enterprise software and cloud services in British pound. We wanted to give you advance warning of changes to pricing coming in January 2017. Microsoft will be increasing British pound pricing to harmonise prices for enterprise software and cloud services within the EU/EFTA region. We periodically assess the impact of local pricing…

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