What is SharePoint

SharePoint is an online collaboration and document management platform. This versatile software is primarily used to upload and store documents and send information across different organisations.

With SharePoint, users can create an internal internet system that works like any other website. Subsites can be created for specific departments or teams. Using this centralised method enables users to easily share and edit documents in a secure way.

We’ve been helping businesses to adopt the latest cloud, on-premise, and hybrid Microsoft SharePoint solutions since its launch in 2001.

Wizard’s Microsoft experts provide a comprehensive SharePoint consultancy, integration services, and development to organisations that wish to benefit from using the many powerful features that Microsoft SharePoint has to offer.

The Benefits

Microsoft SharePoint has a wide range of benefits which is why more than 75% of Fortune 500 companies use this software, below are just some of the reasons companies are migrating to this technology.

Centralised Administration
One of the key benefits of Sharepoint is that administrators can quickly access operation features, including security settings, perform restorations, backup sites, and site data. They can also update privileges all on a single dashboard with ease.
SharePoint is built with security in mind so you can be rest assured your data is safe, end users get the productivity they’ve been asking for while the IT department gets the cloud security and compliance requirements they require.

When collaborating on files that handle sensitive data you can configure different settings for controlling shareability, storage and auditing to help comply with your industry’s regulatory requirements on data security, as well as configuring access/editing privileges at the document or item level.

SharePoint can be customised from setting user permission for files they can access, all the way to the colour of a button, this granular level of detail allows businesses to brand their SharePoint inline with their own company aesthetics.
Remote Access
SharePoint can be accessed on any device meaning you can you get anywhere access to your team and organisational resources needed to get the job done.
Seamless Collaboration
Your SharePoint team site makes it possible to organise your company’s information in an accessible manner. It is easy to share files with your colleagues and collaborate on projects together simply by dragging and dropping the file into the window.

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