Despite the fact that hybrid working has always been present, the pandemic and subsequent remote working have boosted its popularity. There isn’t yet a definitive definition, but at its core, it’s an arrangement in which an individual, team or organisation work part of their time at the workplace and part remotely.

Many advantages can be gained from hybrid working. Some companies have reported a rise in productivity, lowered costs and higher employee satisfaction.

As everyone knows, the new way of working relies heavily on technology. This is where we can help. Communication tools are crucial for you to adjust, and we can provide you with the support you need to do so.

4 Ways We Can Help

The cloud solutions from Wizard provide all the features you need to keep everyone connected wherever they are. It allows your teams total flexibility in the way they work.
Our broadband keeps you connected and at a price, you can afford. Whether you're looking for superfast fibre or a basic business broadband connection, we have the speed you need.
Keep your teams in touch and talking no matter where they are. We're not tied to any network, so you can stretch your budget further and find a deal that fits exactly what you need.
Making sure you have all the right communications in place to fit your current workflow can be time-consuming. Regardless of where your teams work, we can make them feel right at home.

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5 Top Tips for Hybrid Working

It all comes down to communication. By connecting people, they can work together. All good things happen in the "normal" workplace as a result of great communication. Team collaboration is emphasized so that everyone knows what is going on inside and outside the office.
Give your teams the freedom to communicate their way. During the pandemic, many people became tired of being locked into video calling, and are looking for more flexible ways to communicate. From Teams to Slack, there are many ways to communicate and collaborate, choose one that best suits you.
Online meetings are different from those held face-to-face, so they need to be as close to in-person meetings as possible to succeed. You may be using the same app you have always used. There are many options, so pick one that works well for you now. Additionally, it's important that everyone knows how it works.
Give each person the feeling of empowerment, being part of a team and never being alone. Ensure everyone has the technologies and tools they need to communicate effectively. Feel connected by meeting, chatting, discussing, collaborating as much as you need to.
A lack of social interaction at work is felt by many people. Take time to talk about things other than work. Take it easy and catch up with friends like you used to.

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